HLW International Announces 2015 Staff Promotions

Rising Leaders Shape Architectural Practice Through Creativity and Ambition

HLW International (HLW) is pleased to announce several promotions throughout its international offices.

Mark Zwagerman, AIA has been promoted to Principal. Mr. Zwagerman has more than 25 years of experience in project management, architectural design, interior design, and project delivery for major entertainment, hospitality, corporate and retail clients based both in the United States and internationally. Under his leadership, the Santa Monica office has focused on integrated design approaches and leveraged local expertise with HLW’s international perspective.

Debra Cole has been promoted to Associate Principal. Ms. Cole has been responsible for maintaining the firm’s business relationships and building relationships with new or potential clients. Her success in this area helped HLW expand its reach and consolidate its reputation in many industry sectors, while also enhancing a nuanced firm-wide marketing culture and strategy.

Cristen Colantoni has been promoted to Associate Principal. In her 15 years with HLW, Ms. Colantoni has been responsible for numerous aspects of the design, construction and project management process.  Ms. Colantoni has also been responsible for developing key client relationships as well as advancing our expertise with technology and creative service’s clients.

Liz Burow has been promoted to Associate Principal. Ms. Burow has been responsible for developing HLW’s workplace strategy practice into a world class global business that has developed an independent client base as well as supporting the discovery and strategy service within all HLW design projects.

 Adam Strudwick has been promoted to Associate Principal. Mr. Strudwick has been responsible for leading major design projects for the firm’s London office across various corporate workplace and retail sectors. In addition to project work, Mr. Strudwick has been instrumental in the repositioning of our London office and is seen as a design leader in the London design community.

Other promotions include:

  • Heather Hernandez, Senior Associate, New York office
  • Natalie Jessip, RA, Senior Associate, New York office
  • Anthony Mekel , Senior Associate, New York office
  • Shizuka Nagaya, Senior Associate, London office
  • Abigail Le Marchand, Associate, London office
  • Sarah Bunch, Associate, London office
  • Mustafa Afsaroglu, Associate, London office
  • Lauren Maxted, Associate, New York office
  • Jessica Pepito, Associate, New York office
  • Rui Borges, Associate, New York office
  • Currie Gardner, Associate, New York office
  • Sam Walters, Associate, New York office
  • John Pritchard, Associate, Shanghai office
  • Jianxin Li, Associate, Shanghai office
  • Joseph Stampfl, Associate, New Jersey office

Celebrating Emerging Leaders in an International Organization

“The exceptional professionalism, innovation and creativity that the new leaders demonstrate are key qualities that HLW is looking for in its future leadership,” said Susan Boyle, Managing Partner. HLW has expanded its international presence across multiple sectors including workplace strategy, sustainability, adaptive-reuse, and high-rise residential and mixed-use planning and design. In recent years, the firm has worked with major corporate clients on high-profile interiors projects including Uniqlo’s New York City headquarters, an innovative new showroom for BMW & MINI of Manhattan and in BMW’s London headquarters, Aviva Digital Garage and PRS for Music. HLW has also led major architecture and planning projects such as Campus 2100, a unique office space within a campus setting located in Los Angeles and Qiantan Mixed-Use development in Shanghai.

A key factor in HLW’s continued growth is the firm’s comprehensive approach to professional guidance and preparation for leadership. Members of HLW’s executive team regularly share their experience and insight with emerging professionals within the firm to foster their personal growth and create HLW’s future leaders. “This year’s promotions demonstrate HLW’s commitment to identifying and developing stellar talent within the company. By recognizing these emerging leaders HLW will ensure that its team includes the best and brightest individuals that the industry has to offer.” Said John Gering, Managing Partner. HLW’s longstanding tradition of selecting new leaders from within the firm has created a strong culture of loyalty to the firm and its clients.

About HLW International

HLW is an award-winning architecture, engineering, interior design and consulting firm, headquartered in New York with offices in New Jersey, Los Angeles, London, and Shanghai. One of the most diverse and versatile firms in the industry, HLW provides business-focused solutions through an integrated group of services. HLW designs innovative and creative spaces for technology companies, financial institutions, broadcast media and entertainment, corporate, academic, residential and mixed-use buildings. For more information, please visit www.hlw.com.