Hightower: “We’re Committed to a Better Tomorrow”

Introducing our Commitment to Sustainability

Our conversations about improving transparency in sourcing and materiality are focused on people—our clients and our team members who build and work with our products. Since our goal is to continue creating the best products in the most sustainable way, we’re continually evaluating and measuring our progress, and pushing our investment to the next level.

“We are excited to support the growing movement to close the loop between manufacturers and the A&D community, communicating the importance of specifying healthy furniture.” -Natalie Hartkopf, Hightower Co-founder & CEO

Meet Michaela Shaw, our Sustainability Manager

Michaela Shaw joined Hightower to help provide valuable insight in supply chain analysis and material ingredient reporting. This is so important as we focus more intentionally on our overall sustainability initiatives and improve the material health of our products.

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Michaela Shaw

Our Certified and Declared Sustainable Products

We conducted a full supply chain analysis to identify harmful materials and remove them from our products. By removing these materials, many of our products now have Indoor Advantage Gold certification, comply with Healthier Hospitals Initiative, and are Red List Free. These product attributes allow our clients to meet their sustainability goals and comply with green building standards like LEED and WELL. Our green leaf icon lets you know which of our products are certified or declared sustainable.

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