Hightower Releases 2023 Impact Report to Highlight Progress, Best Practices

Natalie Hartkopf

Hightower has released its 2023 Impact Report, breaking down the company’s primary goals, efforts, and achievements over the last year. The leading furniture manufacturer has not merely adapted to the evolution of the design industry and the world around us but has thrived, going above and beyond to maintain its pledge to progress.

Hightower achieved a milestone last year, earning B Corp Certification for its in-house brand, Hightower Studio. This distinction signifies its dedication to being more than just a profit-driven entity—it is now officially part of a global movement striving for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. Rigorously third-party verified, Hightower Studio meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance, product, transparency, and accountability. This certification serves as a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to responsible business practices that consider the broader impact on society and the environment.

In furthering its efforts to align with B Corp guidelines and DEI, Hightower continued to celebrate and empower the talents and achievements of women-owned businesses, fostering a diverse and inclusive economy that thrives on equality and innovation. As a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), Hightower takes pride in breaking gender barriers and employing a majority of women in leadership roles. In 2023, Jenna Geigerman was appointed as Chief Operating Officer and Lexie Strahl as Content Marketing Manager.

Hightower’s belief in people-centric values has fueled its efforts to redefine success within the organization. Paying its employees a living wage, guaranteeing a 40-hour work week, and offering additional benefits for personal growth create a holistic investment approach that ensures the Hightower workforce not only excels professionally but also thrives personally, reflecting its understanding that true success encompasses both individual growth and collective well-being.

The products made by Hightower Studio reflect a commitment to sustainability, manufacturing with the utmost care and respect for today’s and tomorrow’s generations. Numerous products from the company’s catalog boast environmental certifications such as Red List Free and Indoor Advantage Gold.

Lastly, Hightower has a reinvigorated commitment to enhancing its furniture collections by helping to broaden their use with inclusive design. A number of Hightower Studio products are ADA-compliant and support neurodiverse individuals.

“As a company that has significantly evolved over the years, and with our recent esteemed B Corp certification, we take immense pride in defying industry norms and charting a course marked by inclusivity, innovation, and responsibility,” said Natalie Hartkopf, Hightower Co-Founder and CEO. “We continue to look forward and are excited about the future of Hightower and our ever-growing impact on people and the planet and our commitment to publicly being transparent.”

To learn more about Hightower’s efforts outlined in the 2023 Impact Report, please visit hightower.design/pages/impact.

About Hightower

Since 2003, award-winning, family-founded Hightower has curated a collection of in-house designed and manufactured products, Hightower Studio, while working with a network of international partners including +Halle, Four Design, Ondarreta, and Swedese. Hightower is led by Co-Owner & CEO, Natalie Hartkopf, honored with a 40 Under 40 business leader award, and named a 2019 Rising Star by American Business Journals. Learn more and book a tour at one of the US-based Hightower showrooms by visiting hightower.design. Hightower inspiration via Instagram or Pinterest @hightowergroup. Career opportunities and company news can be found on LinkedIn @hightower-group. Hightower is a certified Women Owned Business Enterprise and certified B Corp.