Herman Miller Announces Launch of Herman Miller Vintage

Herman Miller and Wright join forces to celebrate timeless design with an exclusive 100-piece capsule collection of rare vintage pieces.

To celebrate its 100th anniversary year, Herman Miller‚ÄĒrenowned for its enduring original designs‚ÄĒis giving discerning collectors and design enthusiasts a peek into its past with a curated selection of 100 rare vintage pieces.

Herman Miller Vintage is being launched in partnership with esteemed auction house Wright. This collaboration is a natural fit between the brands, as both have long been destinations for timeless, heirloom-quality furniture and stewards of sustainable, circular models.

Working in partnership with Herman Miller, Wright has sourced and meticulously vetted 100 pieces produced throughout Herman Miller’s rich history. The collection includes both iconic and hard-to-find pieces, with many featuring custom fabrics and the remarkable patina that only the most well-preserved vintage pieces can offer. The full collection will be available online starting¬†September 20; select pieces will be showcased through the end of October at Herman Miller’s Park Avenue store in¬†New York, the Herman Miller contract showroom in¬†Los Angeles, and Wright’s showroom in¬†Chicago.

For the last century, Herman Miller has set the bar for original design, enduring quality, and exceptional craftsmanship. As a determined advocate for the circular economy and sustainability-driven design, Herman Miller continues to produce furniture designed to last for generations. Herman Miller Vintage is just one program intended to keep products out of landfills. Other programs, like¬†rePurpose, funnel business customers’ surplus furniture to deserving non-profit organizations, helping to divert thousands of tons annually from waste streams.

“Our rich history and leading role in 20th century design has yielded an extraordinary body of work that inspires a unique sense of connection, desire, and joy across generations,”¬†says¬†Ben Watson, Herman Miller’s Chief Creative and Product Officer.¬†“This partnership with Wright celebrates the timelessness and craft that are innate to every Herman Miller product and offers a new channel for those who are passionate about sustainability and preservation.”

“Herman Miller produced the most important American designs of the 20th Century. We are proud to play a part in promoting that history,”¬†says¬†Richard Wright, founder of Wright.

The pieces will range, on average, from $500-$10,000. Sign up for early access to the sale here.

Shop the collection starting September 20 at 12pm EST. Select pieces will be showcased at the following locations from September 20 through the end of October:

Herman Miller New York ‚Äst251 Park Ave S,¬†New York, NY¬†10010
Herman Miller Los Angeles¬†‚Äst3641 Holdrege Ave #100,¬†Los Angeles, CA¬†90016
Wright¬†Chicago¬†‚Äst1440 W Hubbard St,¬†Chicago, IL¬†60642

About Herman Miller

Over the last century, Herman Miller has been guided by a commitment to problem-solving designs that inspire the best in people. Along the way, Herman Miller has forged critical relationships with the most visionary designers of the day, from mid-century greats like¬†George Nelson, the Eames Office, and¬†Isamu Noguchi, to research-oriented visionaries like¬†Robert Propst¬†and Bill Stumpf‚ÄĒand with today’s groundbreaking studios like Industrial Facility and Studio 7.5. From the birth of ergonomic furniture to manufacturing some of the twentieth century’s most iconic pieces, Herman Miller has pioneered‚ÄĮoriginal, timeless design that makes an enduring impact, while building a lasting legacy of design, innovation, and social good. Herman Miller is a part of MillerKnoll, a collective of dynamic brands that comes together to design the world we live in. For more information, visit¬†hermanmiller.com/about.

About Wright

Richard Wright¬†founded Wright in 2000. An innovator and pioneer in the auction world, Wright was named the “maverick of design” by The¬†New York Times. Wright is known around the world for its creativity and quality of presentation. From the sale of the iconic Four Seasons Restaurant interior to¬†Marcel Breuer¬†houses, Wright has successfully produced hundreds of auctions of art and design.¬†Wright and Rago joined forces in 2019, followed by the addition of LAMA in the fall of 2021 and in 2022 Toomey & Co. joined the firm. Together, the company brings $95+ million in annual sales, has a team of 100, and more than a century of combined business experience. With a national coast-to-coast presence, shared clientele, technology, innovation, and creativity, alongside expertise and shared passion, Rago/Wright is uniquely positioned to serve a global audience while maintaining a strong independent voice in the world of art and design.