Henriksen/Butler Renovates Famous Landmark for its Las Vegas office

As announced last September by Las Vegas developer J Dapper, Henriksen/Butler (HB), an interior furnishings and architectural products design and distribution company with offices in Nevada, Utah and Idaho, has renovated and will be moving to the former site of Gamblers Book Shop at 630 S. 11th St.

HB is known for renovating historic buildings to house its offices, having previously renovated the Holsum Bread Lofts on West Charleston, its Las Vegas office space for the past 12 years. Having now outgrown the space, the company is excited to move its office to another historic building.

“Our approach to building spaces is based on a core value of recapturing and reclaiming existing architecture,” said Dave Colling, chief executive officer at Henriksen/Butler. “We made a choice 14 years ago to be part of Downtown Las Vegas, so when we outgrew our space at Holsum Lofts, we knew we wanted to stay in the area. When we heard that J Dapper was revitalizing the Huntridge neighborhood and had bought the corner at 11th Street and Bonneville (Avenue), we looked at the space and saw it as our future home. Renovating the building comes at a higher cost, but we believe it’s right for our employees, the local community and the environment.”

Dapper has invested nearly $10 million in three commercial real estate properties near the intersection of Charleston Boulevard and Maryland Parkway in the historic Huntridge neighborhood of Downtown Las Vegas, including the building at 630 S. 11th St.

“The renovation of Gamblers Book Shop has been my passion project,” noted Dapper. Along with Henriksen/Butler, we have spent nearly $2 million on the exterior, interior and landscaping of the property.”

The Gamblers Book Shop was founded in 1964 by John and Edna Luckman, however the building dates back to 1955. What started as a hobby quickly became the largest gaming book store in the world.

With its bold bow truss ceiling and skylights, Colling said HB has designed the space to support 20 employees, while flexible enough to hold nearly double that on any given occasion. Thoughtfully designed around the principles of “living office,” the space embodies HB’s point of view on the future of work, allowing employees, remote teams, vendors, customers and the local design community to comfortably work and connect together.

Team members working in the office space can choose from a broad range of settings.

“Part of the space we refer to as the Living Room,” said Heather Bressler, vice president of Henriksen/Butler in Nevada. “It has a more residential feel, allowing our team the ability to relax and connect with one another outside of a traditional work setting. Our meeting rooms and other areas, however, provide space for more focused and ‘heads-down work.’ The plaza, which travels the length of the building and ends in the community kitchen, creates opportunity for spontaneous communication and discovery.”

“Dave and his team at HB share our vision of creating new environments while keeping much of the history of Downtown Las Vegas,” Dapper said. “In addition to the beautifully designed interior, our teams have worked with the city of Las Vegas to build an outdoor patio to be used by employees as part of their workspace. We’ve also incorporated native desert landscape to soften building edges and help filter views into the interior showroom space. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the design.”

As with all Henriksen/Butler designs, the entire space has been planned to connect the architecture to the furniture to the technology. Technology is integrated into the walls using DIRTT’s innovative prefabricated interior construction, which Colling said is more green, more flexible and more sustainable. DIRTT is a leading technology-driven manufacturer of highly customized interiors and is used by HB in many of the interiors it designs.

“We’re sharing with our customers a new way to work,” Colling said. “We hope our space will stand out as one of Las Vegas’ best examples of good workplace design and will serve as an inspiration for our partners in the design community.”

About Henriksen Butler

Established in 1980, Henriksen/Butler specializes in commercial, education, government and healthcare interiors throughout Utah, Idaho, Nevada and western Wyoming. The company offers a diverse range of furniture, accessories, specialty storage, flooring and custom-manufactured interior construction. With showrooms in Salt Lake City, St. George, Boise, Reno and Las Vegas, the company employs more than 200 employees in four states. For more information, visit www.hbdg.com.

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Dapper Companies is a premier commercial real estate brokerage firm and development company. It builds top-quality retail, office and office/warehouse space throughout Southern Nevada. It also represents landlords, tenants, property owners and investors in buying, selling and leasing commercial property. The company’s current portfolio includes ownership and management of several large triple net retail centers, all of which are self-managed. Its partnership with Ten15 Development, LLC includes management of extensive developments totaling approximately 250,000 square feet and counting.

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