HBF Textiles Unveils the Power of Connection

Deep Connections, the newest collection from HBF Textiles, embodies the textures and tones that nature uniquely offers, carefully translated into refined, high performing textiles that speak in the nuanced vocabulary of depth. The collection is about perceiving the delicate intricacies within shadows, the careful layers of organic patterns, and understanding their interplay with light. These three designs capture the exquisite allure of their seamless interconnection and explore new performance attributes and options for designers. The collection is an exciting exploration of form, a delicate dance that kindles visual fascination at every turn.

Agate Stripe

Inspired by the fascinating layering of stripes found in an agate stone, Agate Stripe makes a strong statement in the Deep Connections collection. The pattern is woven as a cut and uncut velvet epingle construction to give the design a luxe texture. Enhanced by deep shades juxtaposed with intense thin hues help give Agate Stripe maximum definition and striking visual impact with a multi-dimensional feel. The colorations are authentic to agate stone variations as the design sparks interest in a new context, through the textile medium. Agate Stripe is available in 5 colorways.

Moody Moss

Moody Moss is a textural fabric with a pin curled surface that portrays the density of a moss carpeted forest. Beautifully tactile with an earthy palette of 12 colorways, Moody Moss is also a visual delight when upholstered on HBF classic lounge pieces.


Tessellations are composed of intricate patterns found in nature with repeating shapes and no overlaps or gaps. Our Tessellations design employs a carefully selected, dynamic multi-colored effect with hues that range from dark shades to pastel to white for optimum spatial depth and contrast. A deeper look reveals a mesmerizing sheen and harmonious kaleidoscope of shapes and colors. Tessellations is available in 7 colorways.

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