HBF Textiles Goes Global

HBF Textiles has gone global with their new Spring 2017 Collection! Inspired by generational textile processes from England, Italy, Germany, Japan, Africa and Hawaii, the new series offers a stunning variety of unique materials with history woven into every fabric. Mary Jo Miller and the HBF Textiles team were inspired by ancestral textile techniques, from the Japanese Shibori method to the Africa Kuba cloth. The entire collection is intricately and thoughtfully designed, with each fabric touching on a different geographical and cultural history. 

HBF Textiles Celebrates Uncommon Goods That Tell a Story All Their Own with Spring 2017 Collection  

– Latest Collection Highlights Fabrics with History and Generational Craftsmanship across the Globe –  

HBF Textiles is honoring artistic craftsmanship with culturally influenced pieces in their latest Spring 2017 Collection. These stories illuminate the origins of the makers and crafts- men and women, who bring a heritage of weaving and tanning cultivated over many generations. Originating from four countries – Germany, Great Britain, Italy and the United States – and with international inspiration, Spring 2017 offers a stunning variety of unique materials with global history embedded in each stitch.  

“The Spring 2017 Collection is a series of homages to traditional methods of fabric making. Each piece tells a different story,” explains Mary Jo Miller, VP of Design + Creative Direction for HBF Textiles. “It is truly exciting to get to tell these stories through the medium of beautiful, textural fabrics.”  

Mary Jo Miller and her team at HBF Textiles researched historical textile archives and techniques, spanning the globe for inspiration. From the Japanese Shibori method, which dates back to the 8th century, to the African Kuba cloth that is stitched together with palm leaf fibers – the Spring 2017 collection transcends time and borders to produce a series of intricately designed and expertly made textiles.  

The Spring collection includes five new fabrics that touch on geographical and cultural fabricmaking techniques. Made in four countries, England, Italy, Germany, and the United States, the collection combines high-quality production from an international group of manufacturers, while staying true to the original design’s history. Each piece in the collection is texturally unique with a variety of coordinating color palettes that range from soft neutrals to rich jewel-toned hues. HBF Textile’s signature Vivace II and Heartfelt series have also been reinvigorated with a handful of new color additions for the Spring collection.  

Fabrics in the Spring 2017 Collection are:

Crosshatch Cloth

Made in the United States
Crosshatch Cloth: Inspired by the ancient Japanese Kumo Shibori technique, which utilizes manual pleating, folding, and binding to design specific patterns, the Crosshatch Cloth is created with rayon stitching on a matte canvas. The Shibori Crosshatch Cloth is woven in the United States at a 100-year-old family run mill in Pennsylvania, ensuring the highest level of expertise. Available in 8 colors: Craft Paper, Acid, Flora, Salsa, Squash, Tequila, Watercolor, Phthalo Green.  

Burlap Rug

Made in the United States
Burlap Rug: A homage to the Hawaiian Kapa cloth, the Burlap Rug follows a simple pattern with a soft textural quality similar to the original Kapa cloth. The piece is crafted in the United States at a family-owned mill in Pennsylvania. Available in 6 classic neutrals: Paper Mache, Newspaper, Sepia, Shadow, Night Sky.  


Made in the United States
Heartfelt: One of the softest felt finishes in the world, Heartfelt has added 10 new shades for the Spring collection. Heartfelt is a perennial classic for HBF Textiles. The fabric is woven at a premiere mill in the United States known for their sustainable practices. Available in 10 new shades: Mist, Twine, Frosted Glass, Sunflower, Orange Zest, Love Letter, Succulent, Nostalgia, New Day, and Lapis– a combined total of 33 signature hues.  

Argyle Boucle

Made in Italy
Argyle Boucle: Designed with the diamond-patterned African Kuba cloth in mind, the Argyle Boucle is a softer, simpler version that echoes the original African individuality. Crafted in a small town in Italy, the fabric comes with a new Alta™ high performance stain resistant finish. Available in 8 color patterns: Cement, Acid, Salsa, Cadmium Orange, Raw Sienna, Squash, Watercolor, Blackout.  

Vivace II

Tanned in Italy
Vivace II: HBF’s best-selling semi-aniline leather with its signature buttery soft feel now comes in 14 new colors for Spring. Vivace II is tanned in Italy at a family owned tannery known for their craftsmanship and sustainability. The light micro-pigmented finish of Vivace II helps resist spills and stains, making it luxurious and durable. Available in 14 new colors: Torino, Varenna, Milano, Nero, Limone, Caramello, Fresco, Marrone, Dolcetto, Cernobbio, Moltrasio, Menta, Giardino, Lago, and Marino- a combined total of 33 sumptuous choices.  

Changing Lanes

Made in Great Britain
Changing Lanes: Woven in a historic mill in England known for its expertise with worsted wool suiting, Changing Lanes is opulent and beautifully designed. The fabric features a highly specialized planted warp stripe in hues designed by Elodie Blanchard. Changing Lanes is both resilient and lustrous thanks to its decatting process, which uses heat and pressure to close down open wool pores. Available in 6 rich colors: Great River Highway, Route 66 Highway, Blue Ridge Parkway, Columbia River Highway, Pacific Coast Highway, FDR Drive.  

Velvet Mix

Made in Germany
Velvet Mix: A luxurious velvet fabric with bleachcleanable durability, the Velvet Mix can truly do it all. Velvet Mix is woven at HBF’s premier mill partner in Germany who created this proprietary performance luxe yarn, starting a new story and generational product of their own. Available in 19 saturated shades: Paper Mache, Craft Paper, Cement, Potion, Ink, Acid, Tequila, Sepia, Squash, Cadmium Orange, Raw Sienna, Salsa, Deep Crimson, Ultramarine, Watercolor, Cerulean, Phthalo Green, Grass, Martini.  

For more information and to view the collection online, please visit: http://www.hbftextiles.com/allproducts and select “Spring 2017 Collection”.  

About HBF Textiles  

HBF Textiles gives dimension to the lives and spaces of users, designers and communities through the essential qualities of fabric. Our expertise comes from understanding the inherent qualities of fabric—yarn, dyeing, spinning, structure and weave. What we produce is not just textiles, but a larger web of relationships. Weaving textiles together with manufacturing and production, we are part of a two-hundred-year-old legacy of textile manufacturing within North Carolina. And, with like-minded mills and collaborators––locally and globally––we explore together the myriad of possibilities of what fabric can be. Visit us at: www.hbftextiles.com.  

About Mary Jo Miller  

Vice President of Design and Development for HBF Textiles, Mary Jo Miller has been the creative visionary behind HBF Textiles for over twenty-five years. During her tenure, Miller has led the development of a number of award-winning collections and been responsible for translating the works of interior designers, architects and industrial designers into the textile medium. Her own textile collections are experiments with color, texture and graphics and represent some of HBF Textiles best sellers.