Gunlocke Responds with Expanded Sit-to-Stand Availability to Top Casegood Lines


Option now offered on four casegoods lines, new collaborative tables

As increasingly more research points to the health risks of a sedentary lifestyle, office workers have begun to request sit-to-stand functionality from their desk systems. After a successful run with an integrated, electronic sit-to-stand interface on its recently-launched Credentials casegoods, The Gunlocke® Company has responded to its customers by expanding this option to all of its most popular casegood private office offerings, as well as its new Briefing ™ Collection of collaborative furniture.

In addition to Briefing, Trio™, Medley™ and Silea™ private office casegoods join Credentials™ in featuring an electronic, push-button sit-to-stand desk option. Gunlocke’s sit-to-stand interface features extension tops that electronically and incrementally rise to a height of 46 inches on freestanding and desk extensions.

In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control researched the positive effects of standing during the workday in an effort known as the “Take a Stand Project.” Researchers ultimately discovered that decreasing a worker’s sitting time by using a standing desk for 66 minutes a day reduced upper back and neck pain by 54 percent and improved mood states. Furthermore, the removal of the device largely negated all observed improvements within 2 weeks.

“Research proves there are definite benefits to standing during the work day, and a sit-to-stand option allows any worker to do this while maintaining productivity,” says Jason Wolfanger, Director of Product Management and Development at Gunlocke. “Our channel partners and customers are true believers in the benefits of this sit-to-stand option. We are pleased to be able to offer this option on a widespread basis.”

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