A Great Celebration to Meet the Winners of Andreu World’s 2017 Design Contest

1st prize – Mediterráneo by Bèrenice Hélène de Salvatore

The members of the jury 2017, Robert Thiemann, Director of Frame Magazine; Alfredo Haberli, Designer María de Corral, curator and art critic Stefan Geenen, Project Director of Miralles Tagliabue EMBT studio, and journalist Alvaro Castro announced the winners of this year Design Contest.

This year the jury awarded the first prize to the project “Mediterranean” designed by Hélène de Salvatore from Brussels (Belgium) based based on its simplicity, elegance and uniqueness in its type of seat, which gives it a great flexibility of finishes, conferring a special differentiation to the piece. It is a bench that stands out for its vision of continuity with the philosophy of Andreu World. It is a piece that can be imagined differently.

2nd prize – Cestino by Chung-Yen Chang

For its part, the second prize went to the project “Cestino” designed by Chung-Yen Chang, resident in Milan (Italy), for being a very fun and contemporary chair, and very consistent with its development. In the words of the jury, “stands out for the resolution of its back and its casing. It is a different piece and represents a challenge for its production. It also stands out for its starting point, whose original idea is based on the concept of folding like a basket “.

Mention – Bough table by Natasa Njegovanovic

The special mention went to the Bough table project by Natasa Njegovanovic, from Pozega in Croatia. A simple looking table, but its challenge resides in finding the right solidity. Its engineering style, the design of the legs, solves problems of stability and at the same time is original and aesthetic.

As in previous years, the School of Art and Design Superior of Valencia (EASD) hosted the awards ceremony of the International Design Competition 2017. Design, music, awards and an exhibition with the winning models of this edition and over the years converged during the award ceremony.

It was the journalist Alvaro Castro who was in charge of revealing the name of the winning projects, which were collecting students from the EASD on behalf of the winners. Finally Alfredo Haberli, and María de Corral on behalf of the jury, addressed a few words to the attendees, encouraging the design students, to explain their “design” briefly in “6 or 7 sentences, to make it a clear design, clean and functional.”

After the event, a small party was held with the performance of a Disc Jockey who accompanied the celebration of the awards, which this year brought together more than 200 different projects, from 35 different nationalities.

2017 Jury