Grasslamp: Hydroponic Deskside Garden

Grasslamp Hydroponic Deskside Garden

Combining hydroponic technology, gardening and award-winning design, Grasslamp turns any space into a mini nature oasis. This small garden uses hydroponic light to nurture micro-greens while providing a soft white calming light to illuminate any space. Users can grow more than 40 varieties of seeds including salad greens and pet friendly grass making it an ideal home or office garden for any lifestyle. The award-winning and timeless design uses 100% recyclable materials and is available in black and white.

Grasslamp Hydroponic deskside garden

­Combines modern design elements with gardening to bring nature to your desk

-Using hydroponic light and 100% recyclable materials, Grasslamp is an eco-friendly power saving lamp perfect for all lifestyles

-With more than 40 varieties of seeds, users can grow micro-greens, wheatgrass, salad greens, pet friendly grass and more

-The lamp not only aids in nurturing the plant, but also provides a soft white light, perfect for an office or living space

-Award-winning design adds a touch of modern sophistication to any room

-Available in black or white

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Price: $99