Give Life to Your Walls with Leaf Living Walls from Nevins

Nevins is proud to bring life indoors with the launch of Leaf Living Walls.

Leaf Living Wall is a vertical garden of living plants that infuses interior spaces with life renewing greenery. It turns urban walls into something natural and beautiful. Leaf Living Walls use hydro or soil plants in their original grow pots making it easy to install, maintain and rearrange your own vertical garden system. Leaf can be either mounted to existing structures or freestanding on room divider platforms. Each Leaf Living Wall is designed with plants that can vary in color, growth and flowering, allowing each installation to be its own unique living art piece.


  • Improves air quality and carbon reduction
  • Sound absorption and noise reduction
  • Increases morale through biophilia
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces sickness and absenteeism
  • Reduces stress
  • Improve odors in adjacent areas
  • Reduces energy cost
  • Improves building aesthetics