Gibson Innovative Workplace Wellness Wednesdays

Did you hear what I just heard?
Say, it might have been a fiddle
Or it could have been the wind
But there seems to be a beat now
I can feel it in my feet now
Listen here it comes again

There’s a band out on the highway
They’re high-stepping into town
It’s a rainbow full of sound
It’s fireworks, calliopes and clowns
Everybody’s dancing -Bob Weir / John Barlow

Please join us for WELLNESS WEDNESDAYS. Our mission is to help you select finer products at lower cost and less money from HUMANSCALE TO VARIDESK we simply have better options…Better quality, aesthetics, comfort, adjustability and lower cost.

OUR GIBSON GUARANTEE: We can seriously lower the costs on all of your projects.

Did you hear what I just heard?

Wellness Wednesdays 12-2 lunch or 2-4 for afternoon coffee + snacks starting next Wednesday May 17th.

We will showcase state of the art Height adjustable products, monitor arms + Ergonomic chairs! VIP’s on hand each week to meet greet and discuss their products which we promise will leave EVERYBODY dancing….RSVP

See images below and please RSVP so we will know when to expect you!

Happy Birthday Jamie (May 17th)!

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