Giant is a State of Mind – Foscarini Introduces Giant’s Collection

For several years, Foscarini has been reinterpreting a few of its products of greatest character in L and XL versions to furnish large spaces.

New for 2016, Foscarini has introduced three of their classic/most popular lamps in oversized (L + XL) versions, scaling up their personality and characteristics. These newly reinterpreted classics give designers and specifiers an array of stylish options to furnish large spaces including: office, hospitality, healthcare + large scale settings.

Giants Collection — 

Twice as Twiggy:


Foscarini.Twice as Twiggy Floor

Foscarini.Twice as Twiggy Suspension

Designed by Marc Sadler and based on the flexibility of a fishing rod, Twiggy has become an icon of contemporary design. Twiggy is released in an “oversized” version called Twice as Twiggy: an impressively large lamp with the same look and flexibility of the original design. The new size has been achieved through various adjustments in the technical structure: the long arched stem preserves a slim diameter as in the original version, through a steel cable hidden inside.

The shade – large but extremely light – is balanced by the large sized base. A system of counterweights makes it possible to choose the height of the shade, equipped with 2 LED circuits to adjust the light for different situations with a dual effect: downward direct and upward diffused. Besides the floor version, Twice as Twiggy is also available as a suspension lamp.

Big Bang L : 

Foscarini.Big Bang L

Foscarini.Big Bang L -2

One of the most recognizable designs in the Foscarini collection, Big Bang (by Enrico Franzolini and Vicente Garcia Jimenez) is an explosion of intersecting planes that create a play of light and shadows. With the new large and extra-large versions, the theatrical impact of this lamp is amplified to better suit tall ceilings, as it generates luminous, architectural effects on a grand scale. The light intensity has also been worked on to complement the larger sizes, using an LED source that spreads Big Bang’s soft brightness out into even the darkest spaces.

Spokes L:

Foscarini.Spokes L

Created by observing the spokes of a bicycle wheel, this namesake lamp (by Vicente Garcia Jimenez – Garcia Cumini) has both a light and solid form at the same time. An LED light source allows light to filter through metal rods, creating a playful multiplication of shadows. In the new extra-large version, the impact of this multiplication effect is further enhanced, showcasing the versatility of Spokes to complement public spaces and large architectural venues.