Geiger Launches Immersive 3D Private Office Configurator

Geiger Configurator

New modular configurator from 3D Cloud™ is first to be used in the casegoods industry

Geiger, part of the MillerKnoll collective, launches its first 3D modular, private office configurator for its GeigerOne Casegoods line.

The immersive and interactive experience showcases the versatile infrastructure of Geiger One Casegoods for private offices. Built upon a standard kit of parts, the 3D tool is highly customizable. Clients, dealers, and designers can plan their ideal office and combine multiple individual products all in one space.

The configurator has been rolled out on and on Omni, a sales tool for MillerKnoll dealers, preloaded with 10 office typicals.

“This configurator is Geiger’s first 3D visualization experience and will have a positive impact on the way our clients design offices,” commented John Fuller, Vice President of Sales at Geiger. “This new technology allows architects, designers, and dealers to visualize a wide array of design possibilities and engage with Geiger’s products like never before.”

Using the 10 preloaded typicals as a foundation, customers can design a full office through the configurator. This includes saving and sharing renderings for use in proposals and projects; requesting quotes; and retrieving a project ID number that provides access to projects later. Through the tool, customers will be able to visualize the breadth of Geiger One options, material selections, and price ranges. The tool also allows for different degrees of customization – from fabric, finishes, and hardware to product application details.

“Designers will be empowered to work more efficiently and closely with Geiger’s team through this configurator,” commented Tonette Barrett, Vice President Sales Operations and Project Management. “By being able to envision private offices with more clarity, we are able to simplify the design process and instill confidence in the spaces they create.”

Dealers using Omni will be able to easily verify product features, materials, and price points as they design online.

“This launch represents a significant step in MillerKnoll’s 3D visualization journey following the introduction of 3D product configurators across other brand’s websites last year. We are the first 3D Cloud client to implement this type of configurator within the casegoods marketplace” commented Lorna Jean Marcuzzo, 3D Visualization Strategy Lead at MillerKnoll. “The 3D Cloud team were strong partners, ready to dive in to figure out how to bring all of Geiger’s detailed specifications to life. The customization opportunities available through this tool feel endless.”

About Geiger

At Geiger, why we do things and how we do them are inexorably one. Achieving quality through craft, celebrating materiality through elegant simplicity, improving the work environment for individuals through design that endures. Standards of craftsmanship and customer satisfaction set more than 50 years ago by founder John Geiger have driven the company’s growth and continued to inspire people today. Founded in Toronto and headquartered in Atlanta since 1979, Geiger is a wholly owned subsidiary of publicly held MillerKnoll.