Gaspare Asaro Studio Unveils “Geometria Sospesa” Customizable Lighting

New Chandelier Exudes Glamorous, Classic Italian Feel for the Modern Designer

Luxury mid-century design gallery Gaspare Asaro-Italian Modern is pleased to announce the launch of Geometria Sospesa, a new lighting series that is part of their eponymous Studio Collection. Geometria Sospesa, translated to English as Suspended Geometry, plays with form to create an intricate and elegant light. This piece pushes the boundary of a traditional chandelier thanks to its continuous, organic form that can be customized to be subtle and chic or grand and statement making.

“Each Geometria Sospesa ceiling light is handcrafted by a team of talented artisans,” explains Vittorio Asaro, Co-Owner of Gaspare Asaro Italian Modern. “The ultimate goal is to invoke beautiful, high quality Italian tradition with a twist for 2017 designers.”

Geometria Sospesa is the newest launch from the Gaspare Asaro Studio Collection, which offers designers and design lovers a distinctive range of fully customizable furniture, lighting, and home accessories. Each piece is available in limited quantities and reflects the hallmarks of Italian design and craftsmanship, featuring high quality metals and beautiful glass finishes. Geometria Sospesa, the latest addition to the Studio Collection, was designed by Gaspare Asaro himself.

Adds Founder and Artistic Director Gaspare Asaro, “I was inspired to create something where shape, rather than light or finish, is the true star. Geometria Sospesa fits the bill and is already a popular piece in our collection.”

The light showcases Gaspare Asaro’s ability to cater to the specific needs of individual clients. It is customizable to any size, shape, finish, or composition, so it can function as a subtle accent in a room, or as a larger statement piece. Its signature finish is a rich polished brass, whose metallic glean highlights the crisp, zigzagging lines and contrasts to the classic, textured glass shades.

Geometria Sospesa is featured on the company website in two different variations — “Sei” which features six saucer-shaped lights, and “Tre” which features three. Buyers can request different configurations and numbers of saucers as desired.

About Gaspare Asaro

Gaspare Asaro and son, Vittorio, are the team behind Gaspare Asaro-Italian Modern, an NYC based Gallery. Born out of their love for antiques and design many years ago, today they cater to the most exclusive interior decorators and discerning clients. The hallmark of their ever changing collection is lighting, furniture and art from the most distinguished Mid Century Modern Italian designers as well as their recently released contemporary collection, Gaspare Asaro Studio. The latter features limited edition pieces designed in house and by fellow Italian artists, all hand made in Italy. For clients with a specific vision in mind, they are happy to design and produce custom pieces.

For more information, visit the gallery at 251 E 60th street or the Gaspare Asaro website.