Gary Unger Passing the Baton at CPG Architects

Gary Allen Unger - Founder
Gary Unger

This week I finalized a plan to pass the baton to three 20+ year employees to run CPG Architects.

If you have ever run a relay you know that passing a baton to another person(s) is not easy. It’s all about timing and positioning. Done perfectly passing the baton can actually allow the team to leap forward. That’s what we plan to do with our new management team – make a big leap forward.

After 35 years of running CPG, I decided the timing was right to make a change in day-to-day management. For me, the right time to make the change was less when I wanted to transition, and more when others were ready to take over. It is extremely important for all staff, clients and consultants to understand that the new team has all the knowledge and resources necessary to maintain and grow the firm’s positive creative momentum.

Determining the best way to transition was much more difficult than I thought. Over the years I looked at buying other firms, selling the company and even merging with others. In many cases the options were ok for me, but terrible for others in the firm. I have always said the only reason we did so well was because of the efforts of others and so the decision to hand off the firm, lock stock and barrel, was an easy one.

Karen Lika, Sue Wall and Jenny Paik have each been successful in marketing, project management and financial control for over 20 years with the company and are the logical ones to take CPG to a new level. Most important, this change creates opportunities for existing staff to move up. It is very tough to find quality people and CPG has been fortunate. Of our 42 staff, 4 have been with the firm for over 30 years, 9 over 20 years and 8 over 10 years.

I wish Karen, Sue, Jenny and the entire CPG team my best to continue delivering the most creative professional services.


Gary Unger

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