Furniture News, Expert Advice and a Little Oympics Fever from the WallGoldfinger Team



A long arched and uniquely tapered base for a table comes together in our factory. Click here to see a concept illustration showing how the finished table will look.


Inspired design. 

Designed by Studios Architecture, this video conference table features power drawers, microphones and metal inlay. See its unique shape and finish


It’s all about the metal.

If we’re going to talk Olympics (below), we’ve got to talk about medals, or in our case metals. Today’s furniture increasingly incorporates all kinds of both decorative and structural metal. We talk to Purchaser Tim Swartz about the fast-growing trend toward metal. Metal


First LOOK brings enthusiasm for … the Summit.

We approached First LOOK enthusiastic about new product lines but our New York Showroom’s beautiful new Summit tilt-top table stole the show. Read more


We’ve got Olympics fever. 

Excitement abounds over the Summer Olympics. We take a look at some of our past projects and ask ourselves: if there was a Furniture Olympics, who would be our contenders?

Meet our Olympians

All we’re missing are the romantic back stories of overcoming strife (cutting, hours of sanding, stifling finishes, travel in a cramped shipping trailer) all just for a chance to make it in the competitive world of office furnishings.

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