Fully Introduces the Tic Toc

After two years and 18 prototypes, the evolution of the everyday chair promotes healthy movement at work and home

Fully, a company dedicated to selling the most highly-rated ergonomic furniture in the world, announced a new product today: Tic Toc, an “everyday chair” designed for movement. Designed and manufactured by Fully and noted furniture designer Hans Christian Mengschoel, the Tic Toc moves in all directions to encourage the body’s natural movement, helping users work and feel better.

“In our offices we use Tic Toc as a desk chair, but our colleagues have also taken Tic Tocs home to use as dining chairs, living room chairs, meditation chairs, even baby rocking chairs—and we’ve heard that there’s no better chair for keeping restless kids at the table,” said David Kahl, founder of Fully. “Imagine what kids could do in schools using one.”

Fully spent two years and worked through 18 prototypes with Norwegian designer Mengschoel, who revolutionized the ergonomic furniture market with his 1979 design for the Balans, the first modern kneeling chair. The Tic Toc allows for “active sitting,” which means users can swivel and rock side-to-side, keeping the spine aligned and allowing for better circulation. Testers of the Tic Toc report improved concentration, mood, and general well-being.

With a deep understanding around a healthier way to sit, Kahl conceived of the idea for the Tic Toc on a month-long meditation retreat, where he needed to sit still for 12 hours a day.

Kahl found that growing discomfort was distracting him from peaceful reflection. This led him to dream up a chair that would support the body’s natural posture and rhythm—just enough movement to keep the body loose and mind free.

Kahl calls Tic Toc an “everyday chair” because it can be used in so many different ways—in an office, dining room table, in a playroom, at children’s desks at home or school. The swivel seat and H-base are made of beechwood, grown and harvested in northwestern Germany, and certified sustainable by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). The custom gas lift is ISO 9001 certified to Fully’s specifications.

“Active sitting is the next frontier in being healthy at work and home,” said Kahl. “People now understand that sitting in a traditional chair for hours at a time is detrimental to health. I fully believe that people will discover next the benefits of movement while sitting.”

Founded in 2006, Fully sells to customers across the country at fully.com, and out of three showrooms in San Francisco, Portland, Oregon and now the Baltimore area. In addition to offering the most highly rated ergonomic furniture options from a variety of manufacturers, the company also designs and sells its own products, including the best-selling Jarvis adjustable-height standing desk, which The Wirecutter has called “the best adjustable standing desk” for three years straight.

For more information or to shop for products visit:  www.fully.com/tictoc