FritsJurgens Introduces New System One Pivot Hinge

Unleashing Architectural Creativity with New Features and Streamlined Design

FritsJurgens, an innovator in architectural hardware, announces the new System One pivot hinge, the latest offering that opens doors to infinite possibilities. With meticulous refinements to its original design, FritsJurgens empowers architects, designers, builders, operators, and door manufacturers to achieve untold levels of creative expression.

Based in the Netherlands, FritsJurgens is committed to pioneering design and maintaining innovations as seen with System M+, its mortised-in-the-door, heavy-duty pivot closer. In comparison, System One boasts a slim, narrow pivot hinge and enables free swing to pivot doors. Flexible and adaptable, it can be used in either single- or double-acting doors and incorporates all required pivot door components: the pivot system, floor plate, ceiling plate, and top pivot.

With a sleeker profile, System One addresses the need for smaller pivots. Standing 18mm high, the System One pivot hinge measures less than half the size of its predecessor, fitting seamlessly into a one-inch profile. Compact, it can bear doors weighing up to 1,100 pounds, providing incredible strength with a minimal footprint. The hinge’s 32mm width ensures compatibility with 1-3/4″ thick pivot doors of any size and material, all while keeping a small and concealable floor plate.

Retaining the same shape and size as System M+, System One is compatible with all FritsJurgens top pivots and existing floor plates in two sizes: 40mm and 70mm. Further, System One offers designers flexibility, including a reduced 11mm undercut and a 7mm version that adapts to flush floor plates. The 40mm version pairs perfectly with the newly developed 40mm top pivot, maximizing the door opening width and befitting narrow interior doors, including steel-framed glass pivot doors. System One is outfitted with a magnetic cover plate in either brushed stainless steel or PVD black, coordinating with the top pivot.

By combining System One with the latest Top pivot Reversed, designers can achieve minimal door frames with a uniform height of 18mm. It also can be paired with TP-40 as a small interior door solution, for those not requiring further movement adjustability. As a courtesy to customers transitioning to the new System One, the previous model will remain available until the end of 2023.

About FritsJurgens:

FritsJurgens is a dedicated brand renowned for its expertise in architectural hardware design. Our vision is to empower architects and designers to create spaces that inspire and elevate. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on craftsmanship, we push the boundaries of what is possible in pivot hinge systems. We believe in caring for the details, embracing refinement, and enabling our customers to dream bigger.