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Photo Credit: Steven Gardner

This school modifies their space every year to adapt to their changing enrollment and teaching methods.

Interior Construction Partnership, a division of Office Furniture Partnership, Local DIRTT Partner
Jersey City, New Jersey | Education
Issue #423 | 2017-09-05


The enrollment numbers and student needs at Waterfront Montessori are always evolving. Faced with limited space, flexibility topped the list to provide the highest-quality education. Since the initial installation in 2014, the school modifies their space annually; adding classrooms, storage, conference rooms and even small quiet rooms. Planning for flexibility from the start, wall skins are all interchangeable. Marker board and tackable tile locations can shift to meet changing needs. DIRTT Breathe Living Walls provide enriched programming opportunities for younger grades.


Breathe Living Walls, doors (barn and pivot), walls (combination and solid)


Anodized aluminum, Chromacoat, clear tempered glass, fabric, tackable tile, WriteAway™

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