Fräsch Adds Six New Products to its Contemporary Catalog


Fräsch, a Catalyst Acoustics Group company specializing in innovative acoustical design and sustainable solutions, is excited to extend its collaboration with UK-based acoustics company 14six8 with the introduction of six new high- performance acoustical finishings. Through the shared vision of creating contemporary acoustical elements from sustainable and recycled material, Fräsch’s featured lines from 14six8 draw inspiration from natural elements to produce sound-dampening design accents for busy contract interiors.

All from the StratoScape series, new selections GRID, ORB, PRIME, SLAB, SPARK, and TARTAN are suspended acoustic raft systems that effectively reduce reverberation within interiors while providing unique and interesting design elements. StratoScape products offer versatile solutions for a range of applications. Whether it’s suspending a single module over one or two desks, or incorporating multiple modules over a cluster of workstations, these acoustic ceiling rafts deliver both visually striking aesthetics and optimal functionality. Through the incorporation of multifaceted blades, StratoScape effectively absorbs, diffuses, and dissipates unwanted noise, ensuring echoes are neutralized. At 12mm Polyethylene Terephalate (PET) felt, the NRC ratings for these products range from .65 to .80.


Adding to their appeal, the latest acoustic options from 14six8 are constructed with 100% PET and 55% recycled content. In addition, they all feature built-in interlocking technology meaning no glue is required for assembly or installation. Many come together without the use of tools due to their incorporated friction slots. With sustainability in mind, each system is shipped flat and assembled on-site, reducing the products’ overall carbon footprint.

“As more people return to the office, the need for acoustic solutions like these new offerings from 14six8 is increasing,” noted Slavi Younger Nightingale, co-founder of Fräsch. “Acoustic considerations in the modern workplace are vital to making sure focus zones provide adequate separation and noise control for effective employee use. We’re excited to feature more beautiful, innovative, and efficient products from 14six8 in the Fräsch product catalog.”

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About Fräsch

Fräsch was founded with a vision to create beautiful yet functional products that help reduce unwanted noise and elevate the acoustical properties of any space. We deliver on this vision with a wide range of custom and existing products formed from eco-friendly PET felt. Our team has years of combined design, manufacturing, and product development experience in the A&D industry—an experience that we have harnessed to create beautiful products that enhance and add to the design aesthetic of any space. We use lean manufacturing, the latest in production management techniques, and sustainable sourcing practices to carefully manage our costs and deliver a high-quality product at a value that is exceptional for our customers. Our range of colors and custom acoustic panel forming capabilities make us an ideal solution for virtually any project. Contact us to find a rep in your area.

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