Framery unveils disability accessible office pod without compromising on price or features

Framery’s ADA-compliant pod is becoming smarter; the new Framery Four Accessible Smart Pod takes equitable design to the next level by offering unparalleled user benefits to all regardless of  ability.

Finnish office pod market leader, Framery, has unveiled its new Framery Four  Accessible, packed with smart features, industry firsts and never before seen pod capabilities. Following the company’s huge step forward in the pod industry in March this year, which saw its Smart Pods redefine the workday by providing private yet fully connected spaces, the Framery Four Accessible is now  the first smart pod in compliance with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). 

Based on the design of the Framery Four, the Framery Four Accessible differs thanks to the exclusive focus it places ensuring the needs and requirements of users with disabilities are met. Featuring a door designed for wheelchair access, low threshold, folding sofa and folding table, the Framery Four Accessible allows for T shaped turning in a compact, intuitively designed space. And with a bar installed for pushing and pulling the door from a wheelchair as well as the internal controls, screen and outlets being installed  at an operative height, the Four Accessible allows for completely streamlined, unaided usage.

Timo Inkinen, Head of Product at Framery, commented: “We had already designed the Framery Four in an equitable way but the latest iteration of the pod takes this to the next level, without any additional cost being passed along to our customers. Framery’s Four Accessible is the most advanced ADA compliant pod on the market.”

The Framery Four Accessible is available for orders now. The new ADA compliant pod is approximately 30% cheaper than its predecessor while being a lot more advanced. It is also equal in price to the regular Framery Four. It was first unveiled in Chicago at Neocon, June 2024.

About Framery

Framery is an industry pioneer and global leader in engineering and manufacturing soundproof pods,  services, and solutions that enable people at work to focus on what really matters and get things done.  Framery is a necessity for a successful workday for millions of knowledge workers around the globe in  many of the world’s leading companies, including Tesla, Puma, and Microsoft. In fact, around 70% of all  ‘Forbes Top 100’ companies use Framery products.

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