Four New Collections Announced from Concept Surfaces Prior to METROCON 2015

Concept Surfaces.Nest
Concept Surfaces.Pixel

Concept Surfaces is pleased to introduce four of its latest collections – Pixel, Nest, Timeless and Wood-Stock – at Metrocon15, scheduled for August 13-14, 2015. All four series present a diverse array of new opportunities and offerings to the design community. Regardless of project or style, any one of the four collections debuted at Metrocon15 will reinvigorate a space.

“Metrocon15 is the perfect time to debut these collections,” said Geoffrey Gross, Concept Surfaces president and CEO. “As one of the leading expos and conferences in our industry, it brings together the best and brightest in the business. We are excited to present these new, innovative collections to the design community.”

“Cousin” porcelain ceramic tile collections Pixel and Nest were designed by HOK Product Design, in conjunction with Lea Ceramiche. These collections emphasize the importance of color, shape, size and variety in today’s design trends. The Pixel Collection, a wall tile, is available in nine colors and three long, linear sizes: 5 x 191⁄2, 19 1⁄2 x 39 and 39 x 118. A versatile tile, Pixel can be used for both interiors and exteriors, adding creativity to any space, regardless of color scheme.

The Nest Collection, both a wall and floor tile, comes in three sizes as well: 5 x 4 1⁄4 , 19 1⁄2 x 17 and 39 x 34 1/8. Committed to creativity and diversity, Nest is available in two different patterns, including one affectionately known as “Pacman,” featuring a triangle cutout (ettagono + triangolo), and “Hexagon” (esagono).

The Pixel and Nest collections are inspired by landscapes and nature, with similar roots but varying identities. Both collections are designed for commercial and residential projects, and can be applied vertically or horizontally. Additionally, Pixel and Nest can be used for “art installations” for large scale public environments due to their high degree of specification.

Concept Surfaces.Timeless

The Timeless Series, suitable for both wall and flooring applications, is available in four classic colors, while capturing the appearance of marble in both a satin and polished finish. This series is extremely versatile and comes in four sizes: 13 x 39, 39 x 39, 20 x 59 and 39 x 118.

The Wood-Stock Series looks and feels like real wood, and is available in six realistic colors. Available in four sizes – 8 x 39, 8 x 59, 8 x 79 and 13 x 118 – the collection includes a special technology called Microban®. Microban Antimicrobial technology is integrated into the tile and is active against a wide range of bacteria for the entire life cycle of the product.

Concept Surfaces.Wood-Stock

With a thickness of only 5.5mm and large panel sizes, both of the Timeless and Wood-Stock Collections offer a plethora of design possibilities and overlay applications perfect for any environment.

About Concept Surfaces

Founded in 2005, Concept Surfaces is an exclusive supplier of high quality, hard-surface materials headquartered in Dallas, Texas with representatives in Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, St. Louis, Kansas City and Denver. Concept Surfaces has built its reputation on providing a diverse selection of outstanding products such as porcelain tile, glass mosaics, hardwoods and luxury vinyls and prides itself on being conscious of budget and time, while ensuring superior service with each project. Experienced sales associates are trained to understand clients’ needs to help create exceptional projects with an unparalleled expertise that is top-tier in the industry. Concept Surfaces hand-selects a limited number of manufacturers from around the world that use only the highest quality of materials available. Its projects include everything from four-star restaurants to 20-story high-rises. Some of its clients include: Starbucks, Helzberg Diamonds, Hyatt Hotels, Neiman Marcus, Fossil, Bloomingdales and Hilton Hotels.

Concept Surface’s showroom is located at 2414 Converse, Dallas, Texas 75207. For additional information, please visit or call 972.386.4900.