Formica Announces SurfaceSet 2018

8918-58 Blackened Steel 1520-58 Infinity 8995-PX Paint Scrape Sky

Collection draws on global design trends to refresh, rethink and recreate commercial interior spaces

Fusing beautiful design with purposeful functionality inspired by the concepts of balance and tension, SurfaceSet® 2018 by Formica Corporation includes 32 new Formica®Laminate colors, patterns and woodgrain designs, and one new finish. The collection features three palettes, which illustrate the balance and tension of man-made meets natural in three distinct design pathways – all newly interpreted and curated for commercial surfaces.

The SurfaceSet® 2018 laminate collection is the result of extensive design and style research by Formica Group’s international design team. Drawing inspiration from our ever-changing world, the collection offers a wide range of surfacing options, from Scandinavian-inspired maples, to artistic paint scrapes, to the look of raw materials reused, enabling designers to create meaningful interiors for those who spend time in them. SurfaceSet® 2018 is grouped into three palettes – Personal Sanctuary, Spectral, and Smart Organic – offering on-trend surfaces for commercial design.

“At a time of global turbulence, shrinking urban spaces and the effects of technology overload, we’re seeking ways to refresh, renew and recreate the spaces that surround us. The SurfaceSet® 2018 laminate collection allows humans to be one with the world — a new kind of world — to work in and play in,” says Renee Hytry Derrington, global design lead for Formica Group.

8912-NG Winter Sky Birchply
8910-NG Raw Birchply 8912-NG Winter Sky Birchply 8911-NG Green Slate Birchply

Personal Sanctuary: comfort amid chaos

The Personal Sanctuary palette celebrates the emotional connections to everyday objects as personal time and spaces become more precious. It includes colors and patterns in a mix of soft textures and smooth finishes that invite touch and interaction; frosted and translucent effects that blend technology into the background; the patina of aged metal, and woodgrains that evoke the Scandinavian way of living well and simply.

The warm hues in Personal Sanctuary are balanced with soft tones that add an elegant feel to neutrals. Colors and patterns such as Just Rose, Danish Maple, Winter Sky and Blackened and Bronzed Steel refresh us, while three new Birchply designs add texture and the appearance of plywood in modern, light wood tones, creating spaces made for comfort and refuge.

8995-PX Paint Scrape Sky

Spectral: color goes freehand 

Inspired by art, the Spectral palette applies color in a free, unfettered fashion, revealing the maker’s hand. Painterly brush strokes and textural daubs make for intriguingly tactile surfaces, heightening the sensory experience with strong, saturated color. Brimming with creativity, the interaction of color across the spectrum finds art where color is confidently layered, bringing with it a welcome feeling of energy and optimism.

This palette’s bold primary tones in contrasting combinations add rich depth and a contemporary vibe to our surroundings.Chrome Yellow, Matrix Blue and Spectrum Green help us recreate the world in a bright new way. Two new Paint Scrape designs give the appearance of layered paint applied to a canvas and then scraped off to reveal a grid-like layout, revealing spontaneous pops of color.

8956-58 Bubble Science 8792-58 Winter Sky
8813-PA Tonal Paper Terrazzo

Smart Organic: rethinking and remaking materials 

With future generations in mind, nature and man-made materials collaborate to create something entirely new. Recycling goes further as we rethink what we throw away, resulting in something totally original. The intent is not only to enhance our resources, but also to manipulate and marry them with synthetic materials to create intriguing new composites.

For example, two Paper Terrazzo patterns utilize small fragments of post-production solid color paper from Formica® Laminate that would otherwise have gone to waste. The palette also includes three Bubble design patterns, in which printing inks were mixed with soap and bubbles, then blown on industrial grade paper. Additional offerings include natural and man-made greens, grays and warm tones in colors such as Green Slate, Weathered Fiberwood and Enamel.

8995-PX Paint Scrape Sky, Plex Finish

New Plex finish: Crisp touch with low-gloss sheen

Joining the collection is Plex, a new small-scale, versatile surface finish with a textile feel that can be used to enhance all solid colors and patterns, including the new Paint Scrape laminate designs.

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