FLOS’s New Launch: Bon Jour Unplugged

Introducing Bon Jour Unplugged, the newest FLOS launch, designed by Philippe Starck. Using the latest technology, this small but vibrant lamp is sure to impress.

Bon Jour Unplugged is a cordless, portable table lamp with a lighting life of six hours. The light and easy to handle lamp hosts a micro-USB connector on the base, where the lamp can be plugged in and recharged in thirty minutes.

It uses a revolutionary LED edge lighting technology; this sends the light sideways into the edge of a flat composite disc, which when lit appears to be a flat white disc. The high-technology combined with the ability to express your own creativity through changing the crown, makes Bon Jour Unplugged a smart selection for any environment.

This sleek and pure light can be customized according to personal tastes and styles by “dressing” it with a chrome, copper or matte white metallic plastic hat that incorporates the LED light source, and a shade available in multiple finishes and materials: amber colored injection molded plastic, which simulates the spirit of the ground glass of times past, or transparent yellow, in a more contemporary high tech style, or classic pleated fabric, or natural raffia.

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