FLOS & Philippe Starck Blend Decorative // Architectural 💡

FLOS knows lighting goes beyond lamps. The Italian manufacturer teams up with French designer Philippe Starck to introduce the two new products in the Bon Jour collection: Bon Jour T and Bon Jour Architectural. With these latest launches, FLOS demonstrates its aptitude to integrate an idea across both decorative and architectural ranges where the inspiration, aesthetic and light quality are carefully considered and consistent with each use.

Designer Philippe Starck’s minimalist idea is coupled with modern technology throughout the Bon Jour collection. Especially with Bon Jour T, equipped with an integrated dimmer and utilizing LED edge lighting technology (the light source comes in the form of a ring of small LEDs, which sends light to the center of the flat disc, illuminating it evenly). Interchangeable crowns offer creative expression; users can choose between four hat colors for the lamp, and, if desired, can “dress” the lamp with the choice of six colors for the crown, or opt for no crown at all.

The fusion of personality and technology is carried into the architectural version of Bon Jour. The embedded LED with an unusual design, thanks to the small edge that protrudes slightly from the ceiling and defines the presence of the light, is available in three sizes and three colors (copper, black and white). Each of the three sizes holds different beam angles and wattage, allowing for the user to further personalize the light according to the needs of the space. There are also optional accessories for Bon Jour Architectural, which resemble the crowns seen in the decorative line. The crowns are available in three colors and are affixed to the outside of the downlight.

While decorative and architectural lighting can often differ in design based on the amount of light needed, “Bon Jour is a consistent collection of light, exploring the timeless elegance of high technology, combined with the freedom of expressing your own creativity” says designer Philippe Starck.

For more information on Bon Jour T, please visit www.usa.flos.com and for Bon Jour Architectural, please visit www.architectural.flosusa.com