Flos announces the launch of the Oblique Floor Lamp

© Tommaso Sartori

Flos announces the launch of the Oblique Floor, designed by Vincent Van Duysen.

“We’ve developed a reading lamp that, thanks to its versatility, can be placed almost everywhere. The floor lamp is dimmable offering the option to create an intimate reading or work atmosphere.”  – Vincent Van Duysen

Oblique Floor embodies a new way of diffusing and enjoying light, provided by an innovative, Flos-developed technology: an ingenious combination of LEDs and lenses that requires only a small amount of space to produce an extremely bright beam of light that falls “obliquely” from the head of the lamp onto the lit surface.

The resulting beam is both powerful and controlled but above all asymmetrical, ideal for workspaces.

A unique lighting quality and usability

Oblique Floor succeeds in providing exceptional comfort and best in class lighting performance specifically for reading and working activities.

The structure is sturdy and compact. Its rounded flat head hides an ultra-flat lens with very high efficiency, equal to 97%. With a UGR (Unified Glare Rating) of less than 10, this lamp represents the excellence of visual comfort and guarantees exceptional protection against glare, and extremely high performance in terms of lux.

Oblique Floor features an on/off/dim switch on the side. Both in the on or off position, keeping the button pressed, will increase the intensity until it reaches 100%, and it will blink twice. Releasing and pressing the held button again will lower the intensity to 1% and will blink twice.

Designed for disassembly

Following the Flos approach towards an ever more sustainable design, Oblique Floor was imagined for an easy assembly experience. The result is a product that can be completely dismantled, with each part ready for proper recycling depending on the material.

Color finishes

Oblique Floor is available in Matte Brown, Matt Anthracite, Glossy Grey, Matte Rust, Glossy Sage and Matte White, all ideal options for hospitality or office interiors.