Fellowes Announces Release of Rising Loft Rail System

Fellowes, a family-owned company providing trusted workplace solutions for 106 years, is proud to announce the launch of the Rising Loft™ rail system, the most versatile desktop rail system engineered for Enhanced Workspace Productivity.

Rising Loft™ is the result of extensive research and state-of-the-art innovation to create a rail system that arranges desktop equipment, accessories, and personal items to optimize productivity and comfort. The system is flexible, customizable, and accommodating, quickly and easily mounting workspace equipment like Rising™ monitor arms and laptop holder to support an employee’s unique workflow.

Designed for flexibility, the system reduces clutter, elevates comfort, integrates workspace equipment and accessories, and constantly adapts for changing work needs throughout the day. Rising Loft™ equips employees with the tools they need to produce their best work.

Rising Loft™ is equipped with 3-in-1 integrated standard features, such as a sleek glass façade with magnetic back painted marker board, integrated power solutions and above-the-worksurface cord management. Rising Loft™ offers a variety of colors, lengths, and add-on options – including utility cup holders and shelves – to customize the system to meet the needs of any employee. The system integrates with Fellowes’ new best-in-class Rising™ monitor arms featuring SnapKinect™ to provide another level of adjustability, and, just like Rising™ monitor arms, the rail system offers a Fellowes Lifetime Warranty.  

“We believe employees need to feel their best to do their best work, and that starts with designing a workspace that is comfortable and fits each employee’s individual needs,” said John Fellowes, President & CEO, Fellowes. “By elevating comfort and providing more flexibility, Rising Loft™ creates the ideal workspace for all employees to do great work and unleash their full potential.”

Rising Loft™ is now available for purchase and ordering of samples. For more information on the Rising Loft™ rail system and Fellowes’ full suite of contract interiors products, visit https://innovation.fellowes.com/us/risingloft.

About Fellowes

Celebrating its 106th year under the private ownership and executive leadership of the Fellowes family, Fellowes is a global leader and trusted partner that provides product solutions to fulfill a broad range of WorkLife needs. Throughout its history, Fellowes has been grounded in its purpose to “serve at the intersection of family, innovation, quality and care.” Headquartered in Itasca, Illinois, USA, Fellowes operates from 24 locations across the globe. For more information, please visit Fellowes.com.