FCA Celebrates 70 Years of Architectural Excellence and Innovation

FCA’s reimagined Philadelphia Headquarters | Photography by Jeffrey Totaro

Milestone Reaffirms The Firm’s Continued Impact and Longevity

FCA proudly commemorates its 70th anniversary, now one of the oldest established design firms in continuous operation in Philadelphia. Originally a regional practice, FCA has grown over the past seven decades into a nationally recognized design powerhouse, spearheading work on thousands of projects for leading clients across the United States and internationally.

Initially conceived with a focus on institutional and lab design, the firm has become a sought-after practice with a reputation for success across the healthcare, medical equipment planning, commercial and workplace, higher education, life science, urban planning and design sectors. This milestone indicates the company’s steadfast dedication to embracing adaptability and collaboration as core principles in shaping the built environment.

“FCA’s journey over the past 70 years has been marked by a commitment to excellence and innovation in our unique approach to design,” says Aran McCarthy, President at FCA. “As we celebrate our storied history, building on the legacy of architectural accomplishment pioneered by our predecessors, our devotion to forging meaningful partnerships and fostering industry innovation has never been stronger.”

Dovetailing with FCA’s strategic expansion into new markets, including the establishment of offices in New York City in 2007 and Orlando in 2019, the firm rebranded in 2022, refining its existing processes and identity while honoring the initials of the firm’s founders. Working diligently to expand its expertise, FCA will continue to strengthen and diversify its portfolio, with an existing suite of strong relationships forming the basis to pursue thoughtful growth and acquisition strategies over the next several years.

In 2023, FCA unveiled its renovated Philadelphia headquarters, a testament to its growth and commitment to lead the future of comprehensive workplace design. The reimagined Philadelphia workplace holistically embodies the firm’s strategy in practice, serving as a springboard for future workplaces across the country while celebrating FCA’s established culture.

Further underscoring their emphasis on future-forward design thinking and solutions for the built environment, the team brought on a Sustainability Director and signed AIA’s 2030 Agreement, pledging to achieve net zero emissions by 2030. These developments are rooted in a deep understanding of the social and cultural implications of architecture in every initiative, as the firm strives to produce work that responsibly enhances the lives and experiences of its users.

Looking ahead to the 75th and 100th anniversaries, this milestone stands as a testament to the organization’s enduring legacy of influence within the architecture and design industry. Moving forward, FCA will keep pushing the boundaries of design, while upholding its guiding principles of People, Place, Planet, Process, and Prosperity.

About FCA

FCA is a full-service architectural and design firm, employing a rigorously collaborative process between clients and employees. We define, design, and create resonant spaces uniquely suited to the needs of those who use them. Ultimately, we strive to enhance our clients’ lives. www.fcarchitects.com