Falkbuilt celebrates Arcosanti design at Hotel Valley Ho

Falkbuilt Family Reunion

Falkbuilt, a manufacturer of offsite prefabricated digital construction components, has taken over the Hotel Valley Ho to celebrate an Arcosanti-inspired booth that includes the company’s latest innovations.

This is the third year that Falkbuilt, a Canadian-based construction company, has invaded the Valley Ho to hold the Falkbuilt Family Reunion, an event that brings more than 300 “Falkers” together to network, learn the latest and share best practices.

A huge fan of Mid-century Modern architecture, Falkbuilt CEO, Mogens Smed, loves bringing the team to the Valley Ho. “The hotel is steeped in such significant architectural history. We love Frank Lloyd Wright and we love that the Valley Ho was designed by one of his students, Edward L. Varney,” he says.  “This year’s Family Reunion is celebrating the myriad and heritage of Arizona design.”


After touring Arcosanti earlier this year, Falkbuilt’s interior designers and architects developed a booth inspired by the experimental community in Paradise Valley, north of Phoenix, which explores the combination of architecture and ecology—”arcology.”

The resulting booth is on display at the Valley Ho Monday September 25 and Tuesday September 26 before it will be dismantled in a matter of hours and shipped to New Orleans for Healthcare Design Expo, a giant healthcare trade show November 4 to 7.

“We were blown away by what we saw at Arcosanti,” says Smed. “We loved the bold vision and the innovation—things we pride ourselves on at Falkbuilt. It really inspired us.” During the Falkbuilt Family Reunion, Smed will hand out dozens of Cosanti creations as awards to team members.

About Falkbuilt 

Falkbuilt’s Digital Component Construction is a simple offsite approach to construction.  Digital components are manufactured in the Calgary factory and shipped to site for a fast and clean install, with far fewer materials, zero dust and virtually no waste onsite. Falkbuilt is powered by Echo—a technology that creates an engineering accurate model in the cloud, streamlining the process from design to manufacturing to installation. During design, stakeholders use mobile devices or desktop to meet inside the Revit model, in the cloud, to discuss and make real time changes. Echo empowers industry-standard software and ensures the right information goes where it’s needed, when it’s needed, reducing human error and saving time and money. www.Falkbuilt.com

About the Hotel Valley Ho 

Hotel Valley Ho is a true icon in Downtown Scottsdale. Originally opened in 1956 and recently restored to its former splendor, this 240-room urban retreat blends mid-century style with modern amenities. Dine at ZuZu, relax at VH Spa for Vitality + Health, and unwind at two cool pools. www.HotelValleyHo.com

 About Arcosanti 

In 1970, The Cosanti Foundation began building Arcosanti, an experimental town in the high desert of Arizona, 70 miles north of metropolitan Phoenix. An ambitious project envisioned as an experiment in living frugally and with a limited environmental footprint, Arcosanti is an attempt at a prototype arcology, integrating the design of architecture with respect to ecology. The Cosanti Foundation operates Arcosanti as a counterpoint to mass consumerism, urban sprawl, unchecked consumption of natural resources, and social isolation. www.Arcosanti.com

For more information contact Mogens Smed 587.899.9148