Experience Hue: Ultrafabrics’ new brand campaign embraces aura photography as color inspiration

Left Photo: Aura photo of Monica Khemsurov, Founder of Sight Unseen Right Photo: Monica assembling her Ultrafabrics moodboard inspired by her aura photo.

Ultrafabrics, the global leader in performance fabric across 11 markets, is continuing its innovative brand campaign, Experience Hue, which explores aura photography, and exploring the energy that color brings to the built environment.

In 2020, Ultrafabrics launched its Color Lab, a digital platform that serves to inspire and offer color intelligence to an expansive global audience. Fast forward to today, the platform has seen the launch of a dynamic content program, hosted thought leaders, issued trend reports and established partnerships in North America and Europe with ICFF, Wanted Design, Clerkenwell Design Festival and the London Design Festival.

Titled Experience Hue, the campaign is centred around aura reading, a cultural phenomenon that has gained a significant following in recent years. An aura is described as an electromagnetic field that surrounds a person’s body and is associated with their personal energy, and each of these energies emerges visually as a color that shows up in a photograph captured by a special aura camera. While invisible to the eye of most people, it can be seen by certain people and according to experts, felt by everyone.

Nicole Meier, Head of Brand at Ultrafabrics, explains the campaign: “We have been excited by the response our audience has to the Color Lab, and with Experience Hue, we are hoping to continue inspiring them and spark a conversation around an individual’s personal connection to color.”

As a company, Ultrafabrics is always looking to inspire designers and specifiers to consider color in a new way. With this campaign, the audience will explore the energy a color brings to a space and how personal energy and aura color can inspire their own personal work.

Left Photo: Final moodboard with Monica’s aura photo. Right Photo: Monica Khemsurov with Ultrafabrics backdrop

To begin the program, Ultrafabrics issued a clarion call to global thought leaders who would be interested in having their aura photographed and read, and then respond in a creative way. Monica Khemsurov, curator, author and co-founder of design platform Sight Unseen was happy to answer the call.

Monica’s reading inspired her to assemble a mood board with a collection of blue, green and purple Ultrafabrics swatches along with static flowers to connect to her love of nature and pieces from her personal glass collection. She even included a painting by a 7-year-old friend to represent her aura as a physical piece. You can see the final result here.

The brand team also tapped Susanna Merrick, the Goop and Vogue approved ‘Aura Stylist’, to create a digital aura quiz to share with designers. That will join an online series by notable New York-based interior designer Lauryn Stone who will take the aura photos of five Ultrafabrics team members, and share moodboards demonstrating how their aura colors and personality can come to life through color and texture.

Meier goes on to say, “Auras are an unconventional topic, but we are an unconventional textile company. Ultrafabrics partners with big thinkers across many industries and this is just another non-traditional touchpoint to inspire, engage and entertain our customers.”

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