ESI Announces Corporate Rebrand

ESI, a Fellowes brand, announced a corporate rebranding, emphasizing its new identity as a company focused on movement inspired products, enabling people to adapt comfortably to technology at work, at home, and in between.  After 30 years of business, ESI continues to reach out to customers in a changing workplace, but now with an energetic new voice.  As a leading provider of work gear that supports wellness and productivity, elevating their corporate brand strategy was the best way to tap new trends in an evolving market.

True to their efforts, workplace research reveals that by 2025 millennials will comprise 75% of the workforce in the U.S.  According to KMPG, they’ve been shaped by a technology revolution that sees computers, tablets and the web as central to work and life. Today’s workers are constantly on the move and ESI’s new active, energetic, and vibrant brand elements reflect this evolution.

Developed in partnership with Grand Rapids, MI based strategic design consultancy, Peopledesign, the vitality of the new ESI brand elements speak to a workforce that relies on product design and innovation to enhance productivity, movement and well-being. With products already meeting these needs, ESI launches a brand identity that emboldens their core capabilities for a growing market that aspires to a healthy work environment. “ESI exhibits the best in organizations looking to innovate and grow: a focus on the future, a strong leadership team, and a vision for success,” says Peopledesign President Kevin Budelmann. “We’re very proud to work with the ESI team and look forward to their continued success.”

ESI’s rebrand includes a new logo, visual identity, website, and Merchandise Mart showroom, highlighting their ability to motivate end-users with wellness while they work. “Today, we offer opportunities to propel you forward at work, at home and in between.  Our solutions must be flexible, active and health-focused,” stated John Fellowes, CEO of Fellowes, Inc. “We felt it is imperative for the ESI brand to reflect and promote how we are delivering business today and will deliver in the future.”

“Due to ESI’s rapid growth over the past several years, we had come to a point in our journey where we wanted to take a close look at our brand and what it represented.  In early 2017, we engaged with Peopledesign – a branding firm with extensive experience both inside and outside our industry.  Peopledesign led us through a proven process to think about our brand from a fresh perspective.  We engaged many stakeholders – end-users, customers, dealers, Reps, employees – throughout the process while we re-discovered who we are as a company and what the ESI brand should mean going forward as we continue our record growth,” stated Mark Rhoades, ESI President.

About ESI:

Established in 1988, ESI is a customer obsessive organization that designs, develops and distributes work gear that allows individuals to create highly productive and comfortable environments. Leveraging a foundation of Operational Excellence, Product Innovation and Distribution Management, ESI strives to exceed expectations of customers, users, team members and stakeholders.

ESI was acquired by Fellowes, Inc. in November 2017 and is now a Fellowes Brand. Fellowes Brands, based in Itasca, Illinois, is a global leader of broad-based business solutions which help professionals be at their best. For more information about ESI, visit  For more information about Fellowes, visit

About Peopledesign:

Peopledesign is a strategic design consultancy which helps companies need to adapt to a new era. Since 1997, Peopledesign has been helping Built Environment companies and beyond innovate through research, strategy, design, and technology. For more information, visit