Environmental Systems Design Moves into Willis Tower Living Lab

ESD (Environmental Systems Design, Inc.), an international leader in the design of high-performance buildings, mission critical facilities, workplaces, and health, science and education environments, on Apr. 16 moved into the iconic Willis Tower, where the company has created a living lab to engage employees and clients alike.

The cutting-edge capabilities in the new company headquarters include:

  • Lighting – An Enlighted LED solution that includes Bluetooth beacon technology for use with applications such as space utilization along with ambient light and occupancy sensors for efficient energy usage.
  • Sound Containment – A sound-masking system in the open-office environment is integrated with the fire-alarm system for emergency enunciation.
  • Furniture — Sensors on all connected work surfaces capture space-utilization data. Motorized height-adjustable desks respond to personal preferences with one tap of the desk control.

Clients will be invited in to examine and test ESD’s features. For example, the new space includes open ceilings so clients can see the systems the company designs every day. Equipment from various manufacturers will be exhibited to show what’s possible.

“ESD is known for its innovation and creativity,” said Executive Chairman Raj Gupta, whose father Hem founded ESD in 1967. “From the server room to the conference room, we’ll show multiple ways to apply different technologies.”

ESD – which also has offices in Dallas and San Francisco – has leased about 47,000 square feet over one full floor and part of a second in the Willis Tower, which is in the midst of a $500 million renovation.

ESD Executive Chairman Raj Gupta cuts the ribbon at the firm’s new Willis Tower headquarters. Behind him directly are Kurt Karnatz, President (L) and Zackery House, CEO (R). On the left is Mehdi Jalayerian, Chief of Innovation.

About ESD

A global company, ESD is a leader in Improving Society Through the Built Environment. We create solutions that produce economic, environmental and experiential benefits for our clients, many of whom are the biggest names in the worlds of business, technology — and beyond. We embrace technological change and are in the forefront of developing Intelligent Buildings. We emphasize innovation, adaptability, and sustainability when providing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, life safety, and technology engineering.For more information, please visit www.esdglobal.com.