Engineering Innovator Arup Names New Director of Arup University

Mahadev Raman to lead Arup’s global research, learning, and knowledge-sharing program.

2016.0314.Nwy.Mahadev RamanArup, a leader in interdisciplinary engineering, consulting, and design services, has named Mahadev Raman as Director of Arup University, the firm’s program to foster innovation, research, learning, and knowledge among its 13,000 staff members. Following his term as Chairman of the Americas Region, Raman brings his distinctive experience and perspective to the position.

“Arup University is an important part of our strategy. With his background in engineering design, expertise, and vision, Mahadev, who cares passionately about our professional skills and the quality of work we offer our clients, will make it even better,” said Gregory Hodkinson, Arup Group Chairman.

Raman, whose career at Arup began in 1978, is a Principal, a member of the Arup Group Board, and Sustainability Director. He has provided engineering design leadership for multidisciplinary teams on a wide variety of projects worldwide and has been named an Arup Fellow, an honorary title awarded to exceptional members of the firm who are considered role models with world-class vision and initiative. Raman is also a member of the Advisory Board for the Architectural Engineering Program at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a Visiting Lecturer in mechanical engineering at Princeton University.

In his 1970 Key Speech, firm founder Ove Arup said, “It is up to us to create an organization which will allow gifted individuals to unfold.” Forty-six years after that statement was made, Arup University is a realization of that principle. Because the firm is owned in trust, with its employees as beneficiaries, the innovation generated by Arup University advances not only its team members, but its clientele and related industries, as well.

The mission of Arup University is to empower Arup’s people by supporting the firm’s goals – enabling greater design skills, creating better leaders, and fostering innovation. The firm has dedicated significant people, technical, and financial resources to achieve these goals.

In addition to sponsoring research and foresight studies, Arup University offers online educational modules, structured workshops, and partnerships with more than 150 schools and colleges. True to the firm’s culture, employees of every level of expertise are encouraged to engage in the program, furthering the company’s investment in its people—and in turn, delivering exceptional value to its clients.

“At Arup University, our work is balanced between the now, the new, and the next,” said Raman. “I am excited and honored to lead the program, which continues Arup’s commitment to shaping a better world.”

About Arup
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