Encore Goes All-In with Dabble, a New Modular Bench Series

Dabble Modular Configuration, Center Table
Dabble Modular, S-Shaped Configuration, Corian Tables, Power Unit
Dabble Modular, Straight Configuration, Wood Tables with Table-ettes

In today’s commercial environments, making a big impression where space is limited may be a challenge, but thanks to Dabble, a new modular bench and table system from Encore, it just got a whole lot easier. With its petite form and refined styling, Dabble is an ideal solution for applications where a small footprint and versatility are not only important, but essential.

The collection is comprised of both straight and curved bench shapes that can be combined with one another or accompanying tables to create compositions ranging from the simplest to the more complex.  All models are available with ganging capabilities to allow for stationary, fixed configurations, or as stand-alone units that may be re-arranged on a whim for spaces with shifting requirements.

Designer David Dahl created the Dabble series with both levity and utility in mind—an achievement that was carried-out with artistic, inspired intention.  Dabble is designed to be playful in its ability to be easily reconfigured as well as its delightfully undersized profile, but those same characteristics lend visual interest and functionality to a space without overwhelming it.

This approachability is also manifested in Dabble’s above-average height, measuring-in at nearly twenty inches versus the industry-standard eighteen.   Because of this subtly elevated height and its slim width, Dabble can accommodate an array of seated positions, enabling short-term perching without sacrificing comfort.  Concave side panels further enhance maneuverability by functioning as convenient built-in handles beneath the seat cushion.

Through the collection’s use of mixed materials, it also introduces variations in texture and a further medium for creativity.  Metal legs are offered in polished aluminum or any number of standard and premium finishes, while table-tops can be specified in beech wood, laminate or Corian.  Upholstery – typically featured on benches alone, also extends to table side panels, providing a seamless transition between modular units when adjoined or allowing continuity throughout spaces when configured separately.

Options abound throughout the series, from multiple power units – including those with USB ports – that enable users to plug-in and connect effortlessly, to a convenient table-ette, protective moisture barrier and non-skid glides for hard surface flooring.

“Dabble was designed to embody a fun, youthful spirit while also addressing the essential requirements of fluidity, customization and a diminutive footprint” says Tammie Alciatore, Encore’s Brand Development Manager. “Regardless of its size, Dabble lends a unique aesthetic and remarkable functionality wherever it goes.”

Dabble Modular, L-Shaped Configuration

Raising the benchmark in design, comfort and quality, Encore is a leading provider of contemporary options-oriented seating and table products for a host of applications, ranging from corporate offices to educational institutions, hospitality, healthcare facilities and more. 

 With a focus on flexibility and personalized attention, Encore strives to provide innovative solutions for ever-changing requirements and deliver outstanding service for customers every time, offering standard lead-times of five weeks or less, an extensive Quick-Ship program, as well as partnerships with some of the most widely recognized textile manufacturers in the industry. 

 Sharing strong organizational ties to parent company, Arcadia, they are able to draw upon an established knowledge base of product design, engineering, sales and service, all the while maintaining competitive pricing and a comprehensive warranty on all products.  An assured manufacturing capability, enduring commitment to new product development and responsive approach to customer service have solidified Encore’s reputation as a leader in the contract furniture industry. 

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