Election Jitters? | FREE Virtual Yoga, Meditation & Zumba + 6 Ways to Keep Calm

From Novità Communications: #BeWell Classes & Videos to Reduce Election Anxiety

As we gear up for one of the more stressful weeks in an already emotionally trying year, we thought now would be a good time to focus on the importance of self-care and reflect on ways we can add wellness into our routine. We have organized a super zen line up of complimentary virtual yoga, meditation, and Zumba classes and curated a selection of our #BeWell videos that will help you ease your mind, sleep better, and feed your soul in this hectic time.

The instructors have all generously given their time and energy so that these classes could be free for everyone, but are also happy to share donation information, should you want to give a little something. Looking forward to seeing you!

Class Schedule

45 Min. | Pre-Election Prana Yoga
Monday, November 2nd @ 4 PM EST 
End the day early with A&D Yogini Megan Mazzocco. Megan will lead a detoxifying flow practice followed by a restorative shavasana to help us calm and reset our minds. RSVP emma@novitapr.com

20 Min. | Intro to Vedic Meditation
Tuesday, November 3rd @ 2:30 PM EST
Join designer & weaver Suzanne Tick for an Introduction to Vedic Meditation. Suzanne will explore how to eliminate the accumulation of stress, fatigue and anxiety. Guests are also welcome to join Suzanne and the Fifth Floor Meditation community @ 3 PM for a 30-minute group Vedic Meditation practice & knowledge share. RSVP emma@novitapr.com

60 Min. | Post-Election Zumba
Wednesday, November 4th @ 9:30 AM EST 
Always moving to the beat, Jeanie Franzo has been a Zumba instructor out of Bloombury, NJ for over 11 years. She leads weekly classes in Zumba, Pilates, and Low-Impact Strength Training. She will get your heart rate up as you boogie your morning away! RSVP emma@novitapr.com

45 Min. | CBD & Cannabis for Wellness Q&A
Wednesday, November 4th @ 2 PM EST
Elana Frankel
, design journalist, founding Editor-in-Chief of Women and Weed and Co-founder of Indigo and Haze, a plant-based, CBD marketplace for health, wellness, and living will offer an interactive Q&A around Cannabis & CBD and will delve into its benefits for health and well-being. RSVP emma@novitapr.com

Mood-boosting & Anxiety Reducing Techniques 

7 Min. | Move Your Mood
Dr. Matt Lyon
guides us through 3 simple steps we can take to work through and stay in control of our emotions for more favorable outcomes. See Video

2 Min. | Overcoming Fear & Uncertainty
Patrick Sweeney (aka the Fear Guru), explains why we feel fear and uncertainty and shares a simple solution for overcoming these emotions. See Video

Comfort Food & Soothing Cocktails 

6 Min. | Cornflake-Crusted French Toast
Chef Elizabeth Blau
of Honey Salt walks you through all the steps to make her renowned, mouthwatering cornflake crusted french toast, the perfect comfort food meal to boost your mood. Breakfast for dinner, anyone? See Video

5 Min. | Chamomile-Infused Bourbon with Fresh Blueberry Honey
Nicole Kanev mixologist and founder of Inspired shares her antioxidant-rich blueberry chamomile bourbon cocktail recipe filled with natural stress-reducers to help you unwind and sleep better. See Video

Get Some Quality ZZZs

7 Min. | Restorative Sleep Tips & Benefits
Journalist and yoga instructor Megan Mazzocco shares the many benefits of restorative sleep and pro-tips for getting a good night’s sleep. See Video

4 Min. | Finding Your Best Sleep Position
Dr. Clay Sankey shares his tips on how to adjust your favorite sleep position for a more restful and painless night’s rest. See Video