Egan Visual Expands Standard Glass Colors, Offering Over 1,000 Colors at No Additional Upcharge

Egan Visual raises the bar yet again, this time with the introduction of the Egan Infinite Color Palette – 1,050 standard colors that can be specified with any Egan Glass product – Egan GlassWrite™ and EganAero™.

To introduce the Egan Infinite Color Palette, Egan is releasing a custom fan deck; displaying all 1,050 colors. The Egan custom fan deck was designed as a tool for industry professionals to kickstart the conversation around color. In an industry where tactile resources are still very much a part of the decision-making process, Egan makes it easy. The Egan fan deck is an accessible and compact tool; allowing customers to easily browse the standard color selection and discover colors that will match or complement an overall design and aesthetic.

Sean Brown, President & CEO, stated “Egan has changed the game when it comes to Glass Colors – Over 1000 standard colors, the industry’s finest colormatching for custom colors, and an amazing fan deck to facilitate the color selection discussion – there’s nothing else like it.”

In the case a customer has a specific color that they need to match and cannot find a close enough match in the Egan Infinite Color Palette, Egan still has you covered. Egan is the industry leader in colormatching technology (spectrophotometry, mixing, materials choices, and deposition). As such, Egan guarantees your glass will be painted within 1.0 dE of your intended color. Delta-E (dE) is the measurement of the distance between colors, a lower number being better, with any dE of 1.0 or less being indistinguishable to the human eye.

With over 1,000 colors to choose from, available in over 20 different products, Egan offers designers and clients the broadest palette in the largest product range, and dealers the best selection and lead time in the industry.

About Egan GlassWrite

Egan GlassWrite products feature low-iron tempered safety glass. They are tempered under strict tolerance for a superior finish, minimal indescence, and inspected for mechanical integrity to ensure a professional grade performance. The deposition also ensures a consistent color and strong paint-to-glass bond strength and tested to the ASTM-D4541 standard.

About EganAero

The world’s highest-performance glassboard, sub -1mm thin, EganAero effectively eliminates drop shadow parallax, giving you crisp, clear, legible content every time. EganAero can be specified in a range of modern and postmodern sub-glass finishes or with Egan Infinite Palette.

Egan Glass Products Include

Presentation Boards:

  • GlassWrite
  • GlassWrite Boxcore
  • GlassWrite Colors
  • GlassWrite Shapes
  • GlassWrite MAG
  • GlassWrite MAG Boxcore
  • GlassWrite Envoy
  • Egan Bold GlassWrite
  • EganAero
  • EganAero Hover
  • EganAero Boxcore
  • Architrave Glass Markerboard


  • GlassWrite Cabinet
  • EganAero Cabinet


  • GlassWrite Boxcore Mobile
  • Architrave Glass Mobile

Tables & Desks:

  • GlassWrite PowerPlan Table
  • GlassWrite PowerPlane Desk
  • GlassWrite Table
  • GlassWrite Desk


  • GlassWrite Lumes
  • GlassWrite TableScreen
  • GlassWrite TableScreen Boxcore
  • Architrave Glass TableScreen

About Egan Visual

Egan Visual specializes in tools that drive personal engagement in the professional workplace. At Egan, we design and manufacture all our products using the best quality materials, keeping the way you use them in mind. This means our products fit seamlessly into your space, enhance the way you work, and unlock the potential of your organization. We sweat the details so that ideation can happen naturally. It’s that attention to detail that allows us to create tools that inspire the fluidity and flow required for a higher level of creative thinking. It’s that approach that has allowed us to be successful in bringing you tools that drive innovation since 1967.Welcome to a new way of working, thinking and collaborating. Egan. Built to inspire.

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