EchoScreen by Kirei: Acoustic Art + Noise Control

Open floor plans — whether in offices, retail stores, schools, hotels, restaurants, residential or healthcare settings — can result in visual and acoustic distraction.

Enter EchoScreen by Kirei, a modular solution for visual and acoustic space division. The room dividers may be hung from the ceiling or mounted to nearly any wall surface individually or in groups to segment space and help reduce sonic and visual overstimulation for more healthy, productive spaces.

Beyond the standard designs, EchoScreen can be custom printed and cut in a variety of 20 neutral and vibrant colors. EchoScreen measures 94” tall by 46” wide and is made from a combination of recycled PET and aluminum by Woven Image, the maker of EchoPanel products distributed exclusively in North America by Kirei. Components can be reused or recycled at the end of life, contributing to LEED green building credits.