Earnhardt Lexus Interior Revamp: Increased Productivity and Sales; Offering Space to Non-Profits

A recent remodel of Phoenix-based Earnhardt Lexus has made it more comfortable for customers, has enhanced employee productivity, and has had a positive impact on the company’s bottom line.

Bull Earnhardt and his team at Earnhardt Lexus realized the interior of the family’s 25 year-old Lexus dealership’s was slightly obsolete they decided to start from scratch with a new location and a welcoming, comfortable and more contemporary design.

The new design was created to fit with the unique Phoenix culture and perspective. Interior design upgrades included:

  • A service waiting area has a living room feel –  so much so that customers often ask about the furniture and the flooring.
  • The new café area is set up like a kitchen or a familiar coffee shop – an unexpectedly welcoming space!
  • Design elements match the business process: for example, reception is positioned to see which of the sales associates are able before transferring a customer call.

The space is so versatile, that Earnhardt is offering the space to non-profit groups to use for meetings and events: wired for DJ sound, big screen TV’s and, when the cars are moved out, a capacity of up to 500 people!

Before choosing the interior elements Bull and his interior designer, Anne Sneed toured local restaurants and coffee shops and other venues to ensure the new facility was aligned – by process and appearance – to other luxury Phoenix retailers.

Earnhardt notes that since the remodel he’s seen an increase in worker productivity and engagement; the Lexus dealership itself has experienced an increase in sales and revenue.

The interior design features are unique to the Lexus dealership and the company’s ongoing commitment to staff, customers and community.