Dyer Brown Press Statement on Virginia’s Workplace Safety Mandates

According to the workplace design firm Dyer Brown and a report in the Washington Post, Virginia is now creating the first-ever “workplace safety mandates” in the United States.

Link to the Post’s story: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/06/24/virginia-safety-rules-covid/

A statement from Dyer Brown’s president, Brent Zeigler, about this news: “Workplace strategy-and-design experts including Dyer Brown are unified in our applause for the Commonwealth of Virginia, which is filling the void in federal agency protections by providing valuable guidance to all organizations on how to make their offices and other workplaces safer and less likely to spread Covid-19 infections,” says Zeigler.

Added Zeigler, “Leadership like Virginia’s will help companies and institutions to be more proactive in preventing disease spread while they are better able to resume work operations. These new rules not only require companies to notify workers of exposures to infected co-workers, they also mandate specific physical distancing and hygiene procedures. We hope more states take such strides in the face of inaction by Washington’s politicians and labor safety agencies. Thank you, Virginia!”

Post-Covid workplace design: