Dispatch: Living Product Expo

September 16 – 18, 2015 | Pittsburgh, PA

Take a Quick Tour of the Expo Program
Experts share case studies, innovators incite ideas and change-makers inspire action
The Living Product Expo is the green product industry’s leadership summit: an opportunity for innovators and experts to come together and collaborate. We’ll build the foundation for the movement toward a healthy and regenerative future in the building industry and beyond. Through a unique education program and interactive events, you will learn the ins and outs of making regenerative products and buildings. You’ll meet the pioneers taking on the Living Product Challenge and the Living Building Challenge who will share what they learned from the process. Together, we will inspire a revolution in the way products are designed, manufactured and used. www.livingproductexpo.org/program

Interact with the Innovation Wall
2015.0831.Event.LivingProductExpo.InnovationWallThis activity will have you itching to create and design
The Innovation Wall is an interactive installation serving as a backdrop for fresh ideas and framing next steps to turn inspiration into actuality. Nadav Malin, President of BuildingGreen, will facilitate a discussion at the wall to identify commitments and inspire attendees to enact change. We will discuss areas of concern, physically affix ideas to the wall and together will initiate collaborative efforts to realize the transformation of the materials economy. www.livingproductexpo.org/sessions/innovation-wall

Gamechanger Central
What better way to stir up your creative juices than with a little friendly competition?
Challenge a new friend to one of our rousing games, curated by Living Product Expo exhibitors! You’ll have the chance to compete with your fellow attendees and show off your skills on the trade show floor, Thursday and Friday from 1:15 – 2:45pm. With your victories you’ll earn a chance to win your very own Savor™ guest chair, donated by Expo Murmuration Sponsor, Gunlocke.

Convening Summit: Pittsburgh Region Brainstorm
Accelerating Living Product Capacities in Southwestern Pennsylvania
The Pittsburgh region is renowned for its legacy of repeated economic transformation. Once the hub of heavy manufacturing, the region has spent the past 30 years recovering from production processes that left a toxic legacy. As part of its recent ascent, Southwestern Pennsylvania has flourished with opportunities to build a healthy and sustainable region. The next chapter involves going deeper: Much of the Expo is about an evolving ecosystem where entrepreneurship, advanced design, and sustainability converge. Join the “Convening Summit” to share your ideas and suggestions during focused conversations on seeding the process of what comes after the Living Product Expo. www.livingproductexpo.org/sessions/convening-summit-pittsburgh-region-brainstorm-accelerating-living-product-capacities-in-southwestern-pennsylvania