DIRTT’s Portland Partner Rebrands as Eteriors

GRIT Building Solutions embraces the future with a new name

DIRTT partners are always looking for ways to innovate. That’s part of why we love working with them. GRIT Building Solutions has been serving Portland and Southern Washington for years. Building beautiful spaces. But they wanted to make sure their story was crystal clear. And for them, it started with the name.

GRIT can mean determination and drive. And those are qualities the team in Portland had plenty of. But in the world of construction, grit makes you think of sandpaper. That’s a big part of the kind of conventional construction that they wanted to leave behind.

So farewell, GRIT. And welcome Eteriors.

There’s a lot going on in that little green e. It represents evolution. Eteriors is leaving conventional methods of construction behind for a better way to build. It represents the environment. Using off-site construction techniques is efficient (there’s another e). They want to build spaces that are as good for the planet as they are for their clients. The Eteriors team is set to elevate (see what we did there) construction in Portland. And they’re going to do it with industry-leading technology and education.

“We stand on our four pillars,” said Mike Johnson, Eteriors principal and construction manager, “advanced, sustainable, flexible and certain. We’re here to lead the construction industry to a new way of building safely.”

Learn more about how Eteriors is changing construction here.