DIRTT’s Enzo™ Approach Wins CaGBC 2015 Green Building Product of the Year


DIRTT is thrilled to announce its Enzo™ Approach has been named the inaugural winner of the CaGBC 2015 Green Building Product of the Year. The Canada Green Building Council is a national, non-profit organization that works to advance green building and sustainable community development practices.

“The fact that the CaGBC — a thought leader in high-performing, healthy green buildings — cited Enzo’s sustainability, transparency and innovation is affirmation that DIRTT’s sustainable construction philosophy and methods are indeed the way to build better,” DIRTT co-founder and Vice-President of Product Development, Geoff Gosling said to the CaGBC.

Enzo represents an evolution in prefabricated modular construction for building interiors, overcoming barriers that previously impeded the use of manufactured construction in healthcare and residential environments. It builds on a decade of innovation in manufacturing customized interiors that are enduring, adaptable and functional.

Read more about the award and why DIRTT won: www.cagbc.org/CAGBC/About/CaGBCAwards/Product_of_the_Year_Award/2015_Product_of_the_Year_Winner_-_DIRTT_Environmental_Solutions/CAGBC/AboutCaGBC/CaGBCAwards/Product_of_the_Year_Winner.aspx?hkey=6cc03047-a2b5-4c77-a62e-6a310a27a341