Desky Launches New Line of FSC-Certified Solid Wood Desktops

Desky Canada is excited to announce the launch of their new FSC-certified solid wood desktops. Desky is one of the leading providers of ergonomic office furniture in Canada and it is now adding this to its product range. The company is committed to promoting sustainable and responsible forest management practices.

Desky prides itself on providing the highest quality wood desktops and this new line is in alignment with this high standard of quality. The wood is sourced from responsibly managed forests that have been independently verified with a chain of custody standards. This new line of solid wood desktops maintains Desky’s standard of sustainability and excellence that will make a great addition to your home office.

About the New Line of FSC-Certified Solid Wood Desktops

The new line of wood desktops is produced using legally-sourced wood fibers. These desktops contribute to the protection of plant and animal species. The products also contribute to improving work environments for workers, fair wages, and the rights of the local communities. This makes Desky products very sustainable, environmentally conscious, and ethical.

Desky isn’t a sustainable brand on paper or just for marketing, the company is committed to promoting sustainability internally by creating products that are in alignment with sustainable practices. Customers can use Desky products with the assurance that they are supporting a sustainable and ethical company committed to producing high quality products.

The solid wood desktops are available in a wide range of sizes that customers can choose from. There are also several types of finishes that can suit any office or home office setup. The options include laminate, rubberwood, hardwood, and softwood desktops. Desky also offers a wide range of adjustable height frames that provide an ergonomic and flexible workstation that promotes an active and healthy work life.

More about Desky Canada

Desky Canada is leading the way in promoting sustainable and responsible practices in the furniture industry with the launch of this new line of FSC-certified solid wood desktops. The company has helped customers nationwide improve their productivity by using ergonomic desks. Desky has a bespoke selection of minimalist office furniture and a niche range of specialty office products.

The office furniture is easy to assemble because of the simplified designs to reduce assembly time. Desky also has bespoke accessories that can complement your workflow and make your workspace more productive. Customers also receive in-house support before, during, and after they make a purchase.

The Director of Operations at Desky, Hayden Adams, states, “We are proud to work with our international suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability and responsible forest management. Together, we are taking steps towards a more sustainable future by sourcing our raw materials from FSC-certified forests, ensuring that our solid wood desktops are not only of the highest quality but also environmentally friendly.

We believe that by working together, we can make a positive impact on our planet and provide our customers with products they can feel good about using.”

The new line of FSC-certified solid wood desktops is available for purchase on the Desky Canada website. The new line is also available in Singapore, Malaysia, & Australia. Desky encourages customers to choose sustainable and responsible products that help protect our planet and support local communities. If you’d like to learn more about  Desky Canada, please visit their website: (French version: )