Designtex Introduces Ancient Japanese Inspired Collection of Wallcoverings and Upholstery

Designtex.Shibori Flower
Shibori Flower: Small, Medium, and Large

The Shibori Collection is inspired by the Ancient Japanese tie-dyeing technique of the same name. This collection brings colorways derived from the pigments of natural dyes and handmade paper for a fresh take on a Japanese tradition. The digital printing for this collection is done at Designtex’s Surface Imaging facility in Portland, ME that is comprised of a team of artists, craftspeople and technologists.

Shibori Flower wallcoverings are designed in three different scales and can be used individually or together to create a unique wallcovering installation. In Shibori Flower Small and Shibori Flower Medium, the central motif of a stylized six-petal flower forms an all-over repeating pattern that evokes latticework. Shibori Flower Large shifts upwards and the repeated motif is no longer continuous, but appears intermittently in vertical bands while the intervening spaces hold its ghostly echo. All three are water-based cleanable and are made up of 40% Latex, 30% Cellulose (Postconsumer Recycled), 20% Cellulose, and 10% Polyester.

Designtex.Shibori Stripe
L-R: Shibori Stripe – Watherfall and Shibori Stripe Wall – Fireworks

Shibori Stripe (upholstery) and Shibori Stripe Wall (wallcovering) are inspired by the Ancient Japanese technique called “nui shibori” which translates to “stitch resist” in which sections of cloth are gathered together with a running stitch before being dyed, thus protecting them from the pigment. This effect is evoked by lines of tiny dots running along the center of the paler stretches of color, where the faint bleeding of the pigments contrasts with the intensity of color elsewhere. The apparent randomness of the design recalls the nature of the tie-dyeing process, but this is juxtaposed with the overall sense of structure provided by the symmetrical groupings of the color bands.

The upholstery is digitally printed on a faux suede substrate with a performance ?nish, providing great durability along with a soft hand. Contains 100% Polyester with a Crypton finish and is Bleach Cleanable (10:1). Available in 3 color ways: Fireworks, Waterfall and Winter Sky.

The wallcovering is printed on a material that contains 40% Latex, 30% Cellulose (Postconsumer Recycled), 20% Cellulose, and 10% Polyester and is a great alternative to Vinyl. Available in 3 color ways: Fireworks, Spring Shower and Winter Sky.