Designtex Drop 20: Meet the Wild Bunch

Designtex presents Drop 20, better known as The Wild Bunch, a collection of textiles and wallcoverings that places ‘performance luxury’ center stage. Luxurious fabric constructions such as fil coupé and chenille, are not usually associated with performance attributes. But these elegantly designed textiles are also cleverly engineered to withstand robust cleaning and disinfecting. The yarns are intentionally engineered with performance in mind and are designed to release stains when cleaned. The playful wallcoverings take inspiration from the digital age and are printed in Designtex’s Surface Imaging facility in Portland, Maine.

Performance luxury textiles: 

Trouvaille, meaning “lucky find”, has a carefully planned geometric graphic that creates the illusion of dimensionality. Similar to the way a drawing uses shading to represent volume, diverse weaves and yarns create points of interest. Plus, it’s deceptively easy-to-clean.

Wildflower, an exuberant and elegant floral textile that has a vintage-inspired feel, seen through a contemporary lens. Its distinctive eye-lash yarn mimics a decorative fil coupé, but is engineered to perform, won’t shed fibers, and, unexpectedly, is surprisingly easy to clean and maintain.

Multi-use textiles: 

Overtone, a subtle two-tone linen texture that is utilitarian yet fun. This versatile and practical fabric is well-suited for multiple uses, from seating to panels and screens, and offers excellent value in a range of thoughtful colors.

Sidetrack, a soft and vibrant chenille with a criss cross weave that gives it a contemporary basket-like texture. Its fresh, fun colors work well for large expanses of upholstery or design accents. Additionally, it has excellent cleanability with no harmful chemicals.

Non-vinyl wallcoverings: 

Bitmap provides an easy way to create stimulating accents of space, ideal for office environments. These colorful, geometric patterns can take center stage or play a supporting role in smaller areas.

Output takes inspiration from the digital age featuring grids that are punctuated with irregular dots and dashes of color that create a sense of movement and depth.