Design Talks NOW Resumes with June Programming




Design Pavilion recognizes that this is a critical time for us all to rethink the way we shape our future. After kicking off its Design Talks NOW series last month covering topics like ecological harmony, sustainable transportation, and institutional public spaces, Design Pavilion will continue facilitating these important conversations with another installment of talks in June.

This month’s programming for Design Talks NOW will begin next Tuesday, June 9 at 12pm EST with Making Room for Joy – a discussion about what happens when designers are asked to design for joy, rather than to solve a problem. Among other things, this panel will address the turmoil, strife, and injustices experienced by marginalized groups throughout history. Four additional talks on topics like industrial design, biotech architecture, and the willingness to take risks, are planned for the rest of the month – each followed by a live audience Q&A.

To see the list of speakers and the full schedule for June, visit the Design Pavilion website.