Denvir Enterprises Welcomes Six New Clients to Roster

The Southern California multi-line agency adds several new commercial design clients with sustainable missions

Denvir Enterprises (DE), the multi-line agency headquartered in Los Angeles, is announcing the addition of six new brands to its growing roster of clients. Founded by Holland Denvir, previously the head of US Business Development at Hem and co-curator of Object Permanence, DE focuses primarily on representing both small and diverse commercial design businesses and aims to connect clients and specifiers with sustainable, beautifully designed products commercial-grade products that will outlast trends, both aesthetically and structurally.

The latest brands to join the DE portfolio meet the agency’s requirements outlined in its proprietary Sustainability Check (more below) and include Amigo Modern, Candor Home, Cerámica Suro, Mexa, Ege by Talk Carpet and Marly. “I am extremely excited by the brands that have recently joined the DE universe. In addition to rounding out our already strong outdoor furniture options, bringing on Cerámica Suro and Ege by Talk Carpets enables us to work on a project in almost any capacity — furniture, accessories, lighting, floors, walls, and ceilings — but all with the DE eye and edge,” says Holland.

“Working with this group of commercial manufacturers in Mexico has been particularly inspiring. Each brand offers not only good designs but also a strong history of manufacturing that is unique to Mexico. Candor Home, Cerámica Suro, and Mexa have all integrated traditional Mexican crafts with contemporary design — both local and global — and techniques,” they added.

Left: The Todos Santos Lounge Chair by Mexa
Center: Gradient Area Rug – Ege by Talk Carpet
Right: Custom ceramic tile mural @ The Hammer Museum – Jorge Pardo x Cerámica Suro

The New Additions to the Denvir Enterprise Roster

“If I could distill it down to one word, Denvir is FRESH. The commercial furniture world is shelves stocked with the same bread, in the same plastic bags, propped up with too many preservatives, bleached white, and bland. And in walks Denvir simply announcing ‘you guys know there’s other ways to make bread, right? Here, try this’,” says Eric Trine, member of the Business Development team at DE. “The number one response I receive when I present our roster to clients is “I’ve never heard of most of these brands!” Which means we’re really doing our job of seeking, editing, and connecting great products with great projects,” he adds.

Amigo Modern is the design practice of artist Eric Trine.  Born and raised in Southern California, Eric’s vision for Amigo arises from the imaginary question of: What if Charles Eames, Buckminster Fuller, and David Hockney were surfing buddies? The recipe is a heap of modern sincerity and hopefulness (Eames), a fidelity to geometry and structural clarity (Fuller), finished with all the hues that have canonized the color of LA (Hockney) – throw in a few dashes of salt air, and that’s about it. Approachable, casual, modern furniture – all designed and built in LA.

Candor Home is a textile brand based in Pátzcuaro, Mexico. Traditional Mexican woven goods are known for their bold and brightly colored graphics. Fernanda Mereles founded Candor Home in 2017 to specialize in merging the pedal-loom tradition with experimental designs and techniques. The result is extremely soft, commercial-grade cotton textiles that come in unexpected patterns, all created through the play of carefully selected yarns and textures.

Cerámica Suro is a ceramic tile studio founded in the 1950’s by the current owner, José Noé Suro’s father. In the early years, Cerámica Suro focused on the production of traditional Mexican ceramic crafts. When José Noé came on board in the 1990’s, he brought with him a passion of global fine arts and made it his priority to collaborate with artists from all over the world. Today, Cerámica Suro is known for producing works for artists like the Haas Brothers, Sarah Crowner, and Jorge Pardo. At DE, Cerámica Suro will introduce their first ever standard collections of tiles as well as offer custom capabilities to interior designers across the board for the first time in the United States.

Ege by Talk Carpet is the largest carpet manufacturer in Europe with thousands of designs to choose from, including designer lines by renowned humans like Tom Dixon Studio and Mr. Christian Lacroix. Ege was founded in 1938 and has been focusing on sustainability initiatives for over 25 years — they are the only carpet manufacturer in the world to have every product cradle-to-cradle certified.

Marly’s self-watering planters are made with sustainably-sourced materials that help keep plant care simple. Marly planters can be filled once a month through their patented watering ring for perfectly watered plants all month long.

Mexa is a team of passionate creatives from Guadalajara, Mexico. It all started with a single chair; now their passion has evolved into a line of commercial-grade tables and seating that are made in Mexico. Mexa merges traditional Mexican woven crafts with contemporary design through collaborations with brands like DE’s very own Amigo Modern and global designers like Fabien Cappello.

Sustainability Check

As a prerequisite, all DE brands must have a commitment to sustainability. With that in mind, DE created its proprietary Sustainability Check — an initiative that highlights DE brands’ commitment to transparency around their manufacturing and sustainability practices. Costly labels, however, are not necessarily important to DE as much as transparency and accountability from their brands in all aspects of running a business including, but not limited to; employee treatment and pay, materials, sourcing, and manufacturing.

“We were pleased to find that a company like DE thinks the same way we do about these topics,” explains Fernanda Mereles, Founder, Director, and Designer at Candor Home. “It’s a relief to see all this information laid out in such an organized and transparent way, it’s somehow helped us structure and validate our thoughts on sustainability, culture, and social impact, but most importantly, it gave us an idea on how to improve in these areas,” she adds.

About Denvir Enterprises

Denvir Enterprises (DE) is a multi-line agency representing vendors who design and manufacture sustainable commercial products in the interior design and architecture industries. The roster is visually exciting as well as cohesive — each brand can both stand alone and alongside another DE brand effortlessly. If a designer so-desired, you can practically fully realize a project using only DE brands!

DE takes sustainability very seriously, and it is thus interwoven into each brands’ material sourcing and manufacturing practices from the beginning as detailed by DE’s Sustainability Check.  Denvir Enterprises is a non-binary-owned and NGLCC-certified small business. DE is committed to maintaining a diverse set of manufacturers on its roster and approximately 50% of the brands currently represented are minority, LGBTQIA, and/or women-owned. Additional brands on DE’s global roster of contract grade manufacturers and brands include: BAUX, Fyrn, Gantri, Nomadory, RAD, Shift, Sun at Six, and DE’s own sibling brand of consumer goods, Work in Progress (WIP).