Dauphin to host a leadership webinar on March 10

Dauphin’s March 10th webinar, “Leading thru Chaos,” will inspire leaders to motivate their teams and accomplish important goals during difficult and chaotic times.

Leading can be a challenge even during the best of times; but good leadership during difficult and chaotic periods requires each of us to step up and raise our leadership bar to new levels. Leadership is not just a job title, with or without the title, you can choose to lead. In this unprecedented time, leaders are needed now more than ever.

Erik Therwanger

Join Dauphin on March 10th at 1:00 pm, for the webinar entitled, “Leading thru Chaos” and discover a greater purpose as a leader. Author and motivational speaker, Erik Therwanger, offers to unlock leadership potential with tips on how to inspire your team and accomplish important goals during challenging circumstances.

During this presentation, Therwanger teaches how to unleash leadership potential by sharing the concepts from his book, “The LEADERSHIP Connection” including how he has used leadership to navigate through challenging times. Therwanger served in the Marine Corps during Operation Desert Storm, lead a successful media company through the 2008 Recession and is inspiring thousands of people during the current COVID-19 crisis.

With an emphasis on creating an empowering culture, attendees will learn new ways to encourage team members, achieve exponential growth, and experience unparalleled results. By learning to unleash the leadership potential within your own team, you will take your own leadership abilities to the next level.

Join Dauphin for the “Leading thru Chaos” webinar, on March 10th at 1:00 pm and discover the leadership strategies and techniques necessary to inspire, motivate, and influence your entire team during this unprecedented time. Click on this link to register: Leading thru Chaos Webinar

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