Dauphin Salutes Kaneez Darbar for 30 years with the Company

In today’s world, it is a rare thing for an employee to stay with a company for 30 years. Dauphin is proud to recognize Kaneez Darbar for 30 years of commitment and dedication to the company.

Kaneez who was recently named National Accounts Manager, started as an Administrative Assistant to former Dauphin President, Gary Chin. When Kaneez first joined Dauphin, she was a single mom “just looking for a paycheck”, little did she know she was at the beginning of a successful 30-year career.

“Dauphin has offered me many opportunities and encouraged me to take on roles that were beyond my expectations 30 years ago. I realized that I had leadership qualities I would never have known existed if not for the support of Dauphin management,” Kaneez explained.

Gary remembers it differently and gives Kaneez all the credit, “She figured out early that she could be successful in a sales role and flourished in a very short time span. Moving up the ranks quickly, Kaneez was promoted to sales management and hasn’t looked back since heading up her own team.”

“In retrospect,” Kaneez adds, “I see that my sprit was never suppressed at Dauphin. My input has always been valued and I always felt like an equal. My gender and ethnicity were never an issue. I never even thought about it. This inspires me to give back to the company and go beyond the call of duty.”

Giving back includes mentoring new sales team members. As New York Regional Manager for five years, Kaneez trained and managed many of Dauphin’s small team of direct salespeople (Account Managers). Till this day she is training reps along the East Coast and guiding them to flourish including some who have also taken on leadership roles within Dauphin.

Dauphin President, Matthew Negron feels grateful to Kaneez. “2020 could have been the year that broke Dauphin, but instead it became the year of opportunity, change, and evolution, which would not have been possible without Kaneez. She has a wealth of experience and industry knowledge that allows us to experiment and make changes, but at the same time, she ensures we don’t repeat past mistakes. Kaneez is the glue of the sales team and I count on her every day. She is always transparent, honest, and will push back when there is a difference of opinion. Having a “Kaneez” on your team is not only a need but a must for every company to be successful.”

Kaneez attributes much of her success to Dauphin values and its superior products. “I am proud to be an ambassador for such an ethical and client-centric company with such innovative and well-priced, quality products”.

Over the years, Kaneez has built strong client relationships. She is the ultimate consultative salesperson offering design solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. At the same time, she has made it her mission to elevate the Dauphin brand in the U.S. She feels compelled to make sure everyone realizes the company’s design aesthetic, something Dauphin is known for in Europe.

Her experience and intrinsic knowledge of the industry will be great assets in her new position as National Accounts Manager where she will build on existing relationships with end-user clients. She explains, “When we solve the design needs of a branch office of a major corporation, it is very likely that we can provide those solutions to other branch locations with similar design needs.”

Gary feels indebted to Kaneez. “She has been and continues to be a tremendous asset and valuable employee for Dauphin and we are fortunate she has been a part of our organization for all these years.”

About Dauphin

While its parent company, the Dauphin HumanDesign® Group, is based in Germany, Dauphin Americas produces desk and ancillary seating, collaborative furniture and acoustic solutions at its Americas headquarters in northern New Jersey. The Dauphin brand is known worldwide for its design aesthetic, innovative technology and ergonomic engineering.